Bear Country. A Play About The Greatest Coach Of All Time.

Ren C.Correspondent IAugust 7, 2009

Coach Bear Bryant of the Alabama Crimson Tide watches his players during a game.

Once upon a time in Tuscaloosa City,there was a gentleman giant.  Though his footsteps no longer ring in the hallowed halls of Bryant-Denny;his effervescence still remains.

A play is now protraying this giant at the Montgomery Emma-Sansom Theatre.  There are three hundred and twenty three seats in this theater,a kind of gentle reminder of records and achievements by the giant.

This play,shows people a deeper insight into the man,the coach,the icon in Alabama Football history.  Coach Paul William "Bear" Bryant,the greatest coach that ever walked a side line.  Make no mistake,no sports reporter,no attempt to bring down this giant works in the hearts of those who know and understand the far reaching impact of this giant. 

A humble man,from poverty beginnings on a dirt farm in Arkansas,Paul Bryant,Sr. a role model for his family and friends in anything he attempted.  From the military to football,to life in general,perfect?  No,but one can say without reservations..."He did not sit on the sidelines of life.  Coach Bryant took adversity and met it head on.  Coach Bryant took regular guys and turned them into the best defense and the best offence and onwards to Six National Championships. 

Coach Bryant had a heart for charity to,his philanthropic works behind the scenes are part of that great character he had.  From injured football player's that he helped for years to children's charities.  Coach had a big heart and loved and understood people and the frailties in all of us.

You can sit on your TV sets and try to bring down and say he is not the greatest!  But we few,we proud few know better. 

We are the Crimson Nation,we are the keepers of the flame.  We are the oracles of truth,and justice.  We know what barriers he in his giant way helped to tear down.

Coach Paul Bear Bryant,the Number ONE Coach of all time.  Not just on the Football Field but also on the Field of life.

"Winning isn't everything,but it sure beats anyone who comes in second." Coach Bryant.