Chris Jericho: The Most Underused, Overachiever...Ever...EVA! Part: I

Jason BrownContributor IAugust 7, 2009

370782 07: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Chris Jericho Poses June 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)

I'm biased, I'll admit that. After all, that's the first step, no?

I love Jericho. I don't like him, no, I love him. I love him about as much as one heterosexual man can love another man he never met before.

But as a loved one, who best to admit one's flaws (so to speak)? Whilst having passionate wrestling debates with casual wrestling fans, when it comes to one's grappler of choice, Jericho is seldom mentioned.

Not due to Jericho not being relevant, but well.....not mainstream. It's like telling a Nickelback fan how good Megadeth is (good luck with that).

I believe there are a few reasons why it's hard to mention Jericho alongside the 90's WWE superstars (Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH, Angle, Undertaker), as well as the current superstars (Cena, Orton, Batista, Edge).

I could go on and on about Jericho's storied past, but I won't because others can do it fast. But it's a lot harder to see one's flaws, or in this case misuses.

The real reasons I believe Jericho will never get the credit he deserves from MOST wrestling fans. Remember people, I'm trying to give the other people an argument, so just take it in stride.


Why Jericho Is the Most Underused Overachiever

5. The Look

Well it's not really Ewan, I mean Jericho's fault he looked kind of well..."flaky." Being a fan of Jericho in WCW it was hard to make the argument to others that badasses wear two ponytails. And well, he never was the biggest guy around. I mean looks' wise you'd be afraid to meet in a dark alley, but for well I..., never mind.

It became a little easier in the WWE, with well..only one ponytail now. The whole, rock star look really didn't take off until years after Chris did it, and for some odd reason it's for a man in tights to look "Main Event." The pink and rhinestones didn't really help either.

But I'd say he looks the part now. Short hair, and the trunks(ewww) being no longer as different. Standard affair now, really. This is probably the only one that was actually, his fault.


4. Royal Rumble and King Of The Ring

While it no longer seems as important any more, there used to be two things you did that would put your wheels in motion for the main event. You won a King Of The Ring, and you'd win a Royal Rumble.

For some reason its sticks out to me. I mean neither has Kurt Angle, but he has a King Of The Ring win.

If winning the World title is like a Superbowl championship, then winning the Royal Rumble is an MVP award. It means that night you were better than 30 other guys.

Chris Benoit has one (and something else that I'll mention later). 2002 should have been the year (for both). It was really the final year of his "push", but with HHH coming back and the train that was Brock Lesner, Y2J really had no chance.

Just looking at Cena, Orton, Batista, Austin, Benoit, Rock, HHH, Angle, Undertaker etc...they all have at least one.


3. Stature

While not the most important, its probably the main one. Face and heel, we all know the simple concept. Faces pander to the fans, and don't cheat, basically the hero. Heels say mean things and heavily rely on cheap tactics (neither are as good as they used to be but, that's neither here nor there).

The year is 2001. Despite him peaking popularity wise in 2000, so two years late, and after several slight pushes, finally a title match against The Rock. The duration of the match is great. A constant back and forth, and now like any great experience I was awaiting the climax.

Now Jericho has The Rock in the Walls and the crowd is on their feet. Everyone in my room except me is begging The Rock to reverse it. Just when Rock looks ready to tap, what happens?

Stephanie Mc******Mahon comes to the ring, throws in a chair, and he USES it. Despite having The Rock in every sense of the word, basically tapping, he uses the Breakdown on the chair WHYYYYY? There's like five things wrong with that.

Y2J was a FACE, that means no cheating unless I'm nowhere near as good as you are (basically it meant Jericho was a *****). He had the Rock beaten basically, so why use the chair? It made no sense.

After a belated title run, this is what he gets. A half-ass, cheap, like two-week reign, wherein he had to cheat. Unless you were a die-hard Y2J fan, how could you like him?

You had the Rock who was quite popular to say the least. You have a Jericho who can't beat The Rock without chair interference. Jercho loses in a few weeks.

I mean, come on. Their feud was basically always this: the Smackdown matches where Jericho was only cannon fodder, and HHH basically made him win.

To the Vengeance match where another McMahon's services were needed (Vince's Royal Rumble 2002). My god, oh my ****** god. Now I was aware Jericho was heel this time so I knew what (no I didn't) to expect.

I could take a chair, hell even a title belt. But not only does Y2J need Team Canada, but..he needs Nicky P to blind sell a DDT,a low blow, and a illegal pin.

Ok I know heels cheat, but this is overkill. How can you cheer for a man who resorts to that? Kurt Angle was a heel, but hey, someone might actually, you know TAP from his submission.

Yeah Edge cheats like a pretty whore, but he has nine title runs to boot (yeah they're short, but Jericho can relate to that), and he can actually BEAT John Cena in a match (yeah, I know).

Not to mention getting buried by Triple H like it was in style, both as a face and a heel (Fully Loaded and Wrestlemania). Hell, from 2002-2006 Jericho wasn't even near a World title and had more matches with RVD and Jeff Hardy than I care to remember.

It's like it's Austin just starting to feud with Al Snow, or Val Venis. I mean who would have thought Edge and Jeff Hardy would have passed him in main event-ness.

I mean right now we could see him in the main event on Smackdown, but no, he has to make people actually give a damn about the tag titles. I think he knows not to appear on Raw (Cena).