Wrestling With the Idea of Sting Feuding With Eight Opponents in Today's WWE

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2009

He is a six time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, three time NWA/TNA Heavyweight Champion, and among various other accolades, he is commonly referred to as "The Icon", a name only bestowed upon the elite. He is the man called Sting.

Sting will also go down as the most successful wrestler never to wrestle for Vince McMahon.

When asked what stopped him from joining the WWE after the Invasion angle, Sting responded by saying that a confrontation between The Rock and Booker T. where The Rock asked Booker who he was was enough for him to reject working for McMahon.

Sting feared his character would not be used properly, and rightfully so. It would have been sad to see a legend like Sting booked in similar fashion to Scott Steiner, Goldberg, DDP, and Booker T.

After watching a video in which Sting interviews Shawn Michaels, I wondered what a feud between the two would have been like. That also brought me to think about other potential opponents that Sting could have had if he had signed with the WWE instead of TNA.

So assuming that Sting had signed with McMahon in 2006 instead of TNA, and was still a member of the active roster, who would be suitable rivals for "The Stinger"?

My original intention was for a list of ten potential feuds that Sting could have had in the WWE this year, but found only eight superstars on the current roster that could perhaps realistically feud with Sting.


8. Kane

Kane is among the most evil and sadistic superstars in WWE history when he is playing the part of the heel. More often than not, Sting is the voice of reason in TNA. In a feud similar to the one Sting had with Abyss, Sting would try to get Kane to renounce his evil ways, leading to a few in-ring encounters between the two, with Sting emerging victorious in the end.


7. C. M. Punk

The new and improved C.M. Punk is a cheater, can't win a match (or a belt for that matter) fairly, plays mind games, and often attacks his opponents when they least expect it.

In TNA, just before joining the Main Event Mafia, Sting made his dislike for arrogant, young talent who don't recognize the legends that paved the way from them known. I think that C.M. Punk and Sting would have good in ring chemistry, and their promos against one another would fire to the feud.


6. Chris Jericho

As much as I like to be able to cheer for Chris Jericho, he is at his best when he is a heel.

Lately, his favorite thing to do is call everyone a hypocrite, so why not Sting too? He could question Sting's motives. Why does Sting continue to prolong his already successful career? One more shot at glory? Money?Does he want to hold the younger talent back?

Jericho has a tendency to make his on-screen rivalries so believable, that it seems as if he and his opponent have issues in real life, as seen with his feud with Shawn Michaels.


5. Edge

Sting is a devout Christian and I don't think Edge's actions would sit too well with Sting. Whether it's cheating, marrying a late wrestler's wife to gain control over the rest of the roster, or holding live sex celebrations with children in the audience.

Sting is a master at mind games, though second to The Undertaker, while Edge can be borderline schizophrenic at times. Sting would finally lure Edge to the ring after several face to face encounters and numerous mind games.


4. Triple H

Ric Flair has no business in a wrestling ring anymore, but his buddy Triple H can pick up where he left off. Although Flair and Sting's last encounter was a friendly one, in which Sting emerged victorious, Sting and Flair are sworn enemies in the wrestling world. It would be interesting to see how Flair's student would fare against his greatest rival.

In the end, I think the build-up leading to a match between the two would be good enough to outshine the actual match.


3. Randy Orton

Orton once prided himself on being the "Legend Killer", and Sting is as big as they come regarding legends. Any rivalry involving Orton also involves Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, so Sting would be outnumbered. Even when outnumbered, Sting often finds a way to come out on top, and he is one legend that can't be killed by Orton or his minions.

Sting would probably lose the first couple of encounters due to interference from Rhodes and DiBiase, but would win when it mattered the most.


2. The Undertaker

The hype surrounding Undertaker against Sting would probably be equal to or greater than the hype surrounding Undertaker's Wrestlemania 25 match against Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker and Sting are both masters at toying with their opponents before actually fighting them, and one can only imagine what tactics these two legends would use against one another.

A match fit only for the granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania, and because of that, Undertaker would edge out Sting in a closely fought encounter.


1. Shawn Michaels

Basically the inspiration for the writing of this article. Probably the greatest match that I'll never see. Another Wrestlemania worthy encounter. A rivalry between the two would be similar to Michaels-Undertaker rivalry. Weeks to months of build up, with only one match in the end.

Neither Sting nor Michaels is the heel, and their purpose is not to insult one another as much as it is to determine who the better wrestler is of the two.

The only match fitting for a rivalry as epic as this would be an iron man match. A great testament to both wrestlers would be ending the match in a draw as a show of respect to the skill, hard work, and dedication of both men.