Paul Pierce, Ray Allen: Asked to Do Too Much for Celtics in the Playoffs

Chris ConradCorrespondent IMay 14, 2008

The stakes are high, And Boston fans ask for one simple favor. WIN! A 66-16 season followed by a game 7 win against the 8 seed Atlanta hawks. The Celtics inability to win on the road makes Celtic Fans wonder.

Why is it that the Celtics can’t win at home?

If they can’t win against the hawks, how are they supposed to beat Lebron and the Cavilers and especially the Detroit Pistons who arguably have the best team and most consistent team in the eastern conference?

The pistons, who have won 3 on the road, Have been without “Mr. Big shot” Chauncy Billups.  But the pistons put away the Orlando Magic in 5 games last night and have plenty of rest considering the Celtics and Cavs go into game 7.

The playoffs rest on the Rasheed Wallace, Why you ask? Because many people believe that if Kevin Garnett gets stopped, the fate of the Celtics relies on Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

Ray Allen is a great shooter outside but if you ask him to take over; he is just not your guy, and Paul Pierce is the same way.  He may take over a game, but if asked to take over a series, the odds just do not look good for the Celtics.

Now over to Detroit. Rasheed will be the man to shut down Garnet. His emotions get the best of him, but I strongly believe if he steps up, the pistons will be on there way to another NBA championship series.

Chauncy Billups gives you much more offence and defense compared to Rajuan Rondo.

And Richard Hamilton, Is one of the greatest while moving without the ball. He runs off screens and makes him self available and is a force beyond the arch. The pistons ability to win on the road and for people to step up every single night, All 5 guys contributing every night and making sure no one gets easy buckets. Watch out for these pistons!

But I am still taking the Lakers over everyone.  When asked to go into The Palace at Auburn Hills and win games, The task is to strong for this inconsistent Boston team.

Feel free to comment after the game tonight We can discuss what Boston did right and what they need to work on.