Is Tony Massarotti Leaving the Globe For Radio?

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2009

It's no secret that WEEI and The Boston Globe were feuding for months, which banned all Globe sportswriters from appearing on the radio network.

However, yesterday the two Boston media outlets agreed to put their differences aside and now effective immediately, Globe sportswriters will appear as guests on all of WEEI's talk shows, which consist of "Dale and Holley," "Dennis and Callahan," and "The Big Show" to list a few.
The catch is that Globe sportswriters can only call-in to "D&C" and "The Big Show," but can co-host and be in the studio for "D&H."
So, why a change of heart after 10 years?
Yes, back in 1999, Globe sportswriters were banned from appearing on "D&C" and "The Big Show," and it seems like they are still "half-banned" because it's by phone only.
Well yesterday, the Boston Herald reported that former Herald sports columnist and current Globe sports columnist Tony Massarotti might be leaving for an afternoon gig on the all-new 98.5 The Sports Hub.
Uh, oh.
Mazz refused to discuss the matter; in which if true, he'd partner up with ex-Herald colleague Mike Felger during the afternoon drive shift, that would compete with WEEI's "The Big Show."
Is WEEI scared that they'll lose listeners? Is Mazz really going to leave the Globe after leaving the Herald a year ago?
And why would he leave now during August, a month before contention really heats up with the Boston Red Sox? It doesn't make any sense.
Though the newspaper industry hasn't faired well and the recent news involving the Globe's troubles could make sense of a leave, it's still puzzling only because Mazz technically works under, with his featured blog; MAZZ Information, Insight, Analysis, and isn't a print guy.
If the Globe did layoffs again, he wouldn't be threatened of losing his job if it's really about that.
Still interesting.
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