Is Kobe Really Better than LeBron?

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Is Kobe Really Better than LeBron?
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It's one of the most heated debates in basketball: Kobe or Lebron.

One has four championships, the other has nada.

Some will say Kobe has had more support than Lebron; some will say that LeBron is overrated. One thing is for sure, there will never be a clear answer.

When basketball fans talk Kobe and LeBron, they are talking about two completely different players you can't compare.

Kobe is a SG, Lebron is a SF. The former has unmatched drive and intensity. But the latter, has size and speed that's never been seen before at his position.

So who would win one-on-one?

Well, Kobe is vicious with the rock and can pretty much shoot with his eyes closed while having three defenders in his face. As for LeBron, he can power through the toughest defense and jam the rock on anyone in the league. 

Their strengths are different, yet great. But the overriding factor in this matchup for the ages would be I.Q.; and that's where James loses to the veteran Bryant.

When Kobe isn't hoisting up bad shots, he is probably one of the most intelligent players in the game. He is cold, quick, fast, strong, and an amazing shooter.

LeBron is good; heck, he's great. But he has a while until he reaches Kobe's level of play. When it come's to clutch play, they have both showed their worth. But Kobe's killer instinct, is something LeBron hasn't developed yet.

James supporters will always argue about supporting casts. They will always point to Jackson, Shaq, Horry, Gasol, Fisher, Rice and Odom. While LeBron has been stuck with a decent coach and a crew of role players.

In 2007, when the Cavs made the Finals, they overachieved. Let's not forget that they were in a weak Eastern Conference as well. If you took LeBron off of that team and put that roster in last season's Eastern Conference, they probably wouldn't have made the playoffs; and if they did, they would have barely made it in as an eighth seed. That shows you exactly why James was named MVP this year.

So, in final, i'll score this one a draw.

Kobe may have four rings, but he hasn't done it without any All Star help. LeBron has always had a bunch of overachieving scrubs around him, and still made the Finals in 2007 and had the league's best record at 66-16 last season. 

One thing is for sure, both of these players are worthy of the moniker handed to both of them as having the potential to be the next Michael Jordan.

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