Believability: What Monday Night Raw Is Lacking

Jared Farver@Farver24Correspondent IAugust 6, 2009

The WWE has been making great strides toward providing a better product overall. Despite this, there are still some things they could improve upon, like the believability of the product.


The WWE will never be perfect, just like you and I will never attain perfection, but why shouldn’t the WWE strive for it?


It seems to me—and I’m sure many others feel the same way—that Vince has lost sight of what wrestling truly is. I know the “E” in WWE stands for entertainment, but the most entertaining part of a wrestling company and show should be its wrestling!


Instead, it feels as if Vince is more concerned with money, media, and quick, dumb segments.


I feel he is forgetting that good wrestling is truly what the WWE Universe deserves, and more importantly, what it wants.


Monday Night Raw feels more like a variety show than a wrestling show ever since the celebrity guest host has been introduced. I feel that Raw’s celebrity guest host takes away the believability of the show.


The addition also makes Raw look like a traveling circus, traveling from town to town with its freaks not too far behind. Just watch the first 13 minutes of Raw, where you will witness Jeremy Piven and his good friend Dr. Ken parade around the ring like complete idiots.


Not only are we supposed to believe the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Seth Green, and Jeremy Piven make the matches, but we have to endure the silly “comedic” segments revolving around the host and Santino/Hornswoggle in skits between matches. 


Did any of you find the Hornswoggle/Michael Cole/Shaq segment funny at all?


Neither did I; it was a travesty.


Heck, the Scrabble segment including Shaq and Santino was almost verbatim from one of ESPN's NBA commercials. If you have a man with the magnitude of Shaq, you should be able to come up with something very entertaining. I didn’t really find Shaq funny or entertaining while he was the celebrity guest host.


But I’m sure Vince thinks the Monday we watched Shaq take on Big Show was a huge success, because a wider audience watched the show. Shaq also gained the WWE some extra media attention it would almost never gain without him.


Some of you may agree with Vince and say that having a celebrity guest host is good for the WWE, because it will gain the WWE a larger viewing audience and greater media coverage. And, of course it does, but I think it does more damage than it assists the WWE.


For instance, after Raw aired last week, ESPN aired some segments from Raw. All of the segments included Shaq’s actions from earlier that night.


I know what you are thinking, “Oh my! The WWE was on ESPN?! This is great for the WWE!” but it was not for the better.


After the WWE segments were aired on ESPN, the two anchors preceded to basically trash the WWE for not only stealing one of their segments but also because of the strange things that happened throughout Raw.


So, the last three times we have seen the WWE on ESPN it has been absolutely brutal.


First, Vince is interviewed by an E:60 reporter. After being asked who will run the WWE after he passes away, Vince told the reporter that he will never die. This sure sounds like a joke, but Vince seemed very outlandish throughout the entire interview and especially while answering that specific question.


The second time, ESPN aired an interview where Vince talks about E. Stanley Kroenke, the owner of the Denver Nuggets, and during the interview, Vince challenges him to a steel cage match.


ESPN aired quite a few segments revolving around Shaq. One of the segments included Hornswoggle, a midget dressed as a leprechaun, trying to dunk a basketball on a little basketball hoop.


So, I ask you this: Is this how you want the WWE perceived by non-wrestling fans?


Instead of having a weekly guest host, Raw should have a strong, stable GM; not someone like Mike Adamle or Vickie Guerrero, but someone the fans can actually believe is running the show.


Wrestling is at its best when it’s run by a believable character.


Of course, the entire WWE, and Raw specifically, is run by Vince, but the on-air personality is just as important as the true leader of the company, if not more important.


Guys like Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman as GM make wrestling more believable and entertaining. Even with former wrestlers like Sergeant Slaughter and Ted DiBiase, Sr. as the guest host, it makes Raw more believable than when we have actors or singers in the position of power.


Guys like Shaq, Seth Green, and ZZ Top tarnish the WWE’s image and, more importantly, decrease both the believability and entertainment that the show can produce.


Give me a good wrestling match over a funny segment every day of the week. I know that is how most of you feel as well.


With a guest host, the WWE might get higher ratings and more media coverage, but the quality of the show suffers.


All of this does not matter, though, because to Vince, any media is good media.


I, for one, think otherwise.