Michael Jordan Had a Swagger Unlike Any Other

Chris ConradCorrespondent IMay 14, 2008

When you hear the name Michael Jordan what do you think of?

Some think of the six NBA titles he won, others think of the five MVP’S he has won, while the rest may think of the 62 point effort he put up while managing a 103.4 degree fever.

But when the name Michael Jordan comes to my mind, I think of how he is the only player ever to have the hunger to win every single time he stepped on the court.

Whether it was the first game of the year, or game seven of the NBA finals, you knew Michael was going to come out with a chip on his shoulder and bring his team to victory.

Michael hated to lose, this separated him from the guys who loved to win. His sense of energy and his desire to be better than others made him rise to the top. He didn’t want to match you, he wanted to be better than you, and he wanted to make you look like a fool, even if it meant not scoring for a whole game.

But Michael's biggest difference between him and the rest of the pact was his swagger. The Michael Jordan swagger. His cockiness made him better, his head nod when he knew the game winning shot was in, the ice in his veins when all of America was doubting.

Players feared him, kids wanted to be him.

But Michael didn’t get caught up in the nonsense and material that the media portrays star athletes today. A game that has transformed into contracts, flash, and how many points you put up, otherwise known as modern day basketball.

Back then, money was a second option. What really mattered at the end of the day was if you won or lost. The game of basketball mattered. It wasn’t about who wore the more expensive suit, or who could fit more diamonds on their watch.

Back then, players didn't take the game for granted, they made sure people got what they paid for. Michael Jordan never took a possession off. If he got fouled, he got right back up, it made him better, he loved that every player in the NBA hated him.

He loved being better.

There was no question that every night you showed up to the arena, Michael was going to put on a show. Whether it was scoring 30 and dishing out ten or waving a towel from the bench in support of his teammates. Michael was part of the team, he shared the ball.

Michael knew every night that someone new was watching and he wanted to be dang sure that the new people watching were impressed. His ego was small and his knack to win was huge.

No one will ever play the game of basketball like Michael did. Yes Lebron and Kobe are very talented, but no one has showed me the work ethic and love for the game more than Michael Jeffrey Jordan.