Ah BJ, Please, Not Again!

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2009

Just when I thought my feuding days with BJ Penn were all in the past, I have another bone to pick with him already.

The current bone of contention has to do with Mr. Penn becoming distracted from his upcoming fight with Ken Florian to continue to carp on his old nemesis, Georges St-Pierre.

So Penn fans please take notice that Grandma was intent on detente, but BJ just couldn't let it go.

According to another MMA site, BJ is back on his harangue about Georges being on steroids and growth hormone, which makes me suspicious that BJ has been touched in the head.

Maybe it was the intense pummeling due to Georges ground and pound which bounced Penn's head off the mat like a coconut off a trampoline at UFC 94; I don't know if it is just a case of brain damage or delusions.

Whatever has come over him, I certainly object and completely disagree with his persecutory point of view:

“It’s just my opinion that he uses steroids. I can’t hand you any proof, but that’s my opinion. In my opinion, he doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to steroids and growth hormones and that stuff. Look at him. He’s the worst. He looks like that every day. That’s cheating. There is a reason why there are rules against using steroids. The rest of us, we get fat, then we train and get skinny and the cycle goes over and over again. He looks the same way all the time. Come on.”

Yes, BJ, come on!—The reason that Georges has looked the same since the early 2000's has to do with genetics. 
He is the same and is likely to until he quits working out every day, is no longer training, gets married, settles down and with advancing age, goes to fat like the rest of us.
Be patient BJ, it may come with age, but judging from his parents degree of fitness, I doubt that it may happen in my lifetime or even yours.
It is doubtful that since Georges burst on the MMA scene at a very young age and had the exact same build and musculature, that he has been juicing.
Not everyone has been dedicated to advancing in the sport and maintaining the level of fitness that Georges has. People close to him will attest that he is not, nor has ever been a lazy beach bum.
Being very serious about his future, Georges has spent more time remaining fit than you have spent surfing or playing hooky from training.
Why does a person who is similar to Jack LaLanne in his devotion to a life of being fit have to be accused of using drugs to enhance his appearance?—Just because you have not been able to duplicate the feat does not mean that Georges is a "cheater, cheater, steroid eater."
In this case, are you prefabbing another excuse in anticipation of a loss to Ken Florian, or trying to deflect attention from some other deficit you are soon to demonstrate in the upcoming fight?
My friend, I am once again becoming very concerned with your mental well being. Why does everything in your existence have to revolve around Georges?
Readers have accused me of being completely obsessed with GSP, but I fear I have become a distant second to you and your concerns with him.
My goodness BJ, soon someone will be suspicious that your fixation is sexual in nature, heaven knows that even I have been likewise accused of having a little "lust" involved in my adoration for the poor boy. (That is just what he needs in his life—a sixty three year old stricken with lust and pursuing him in a wheelchair!)
I have seen you run in preparing for your fights, and while I am sure that you are not nearly as fleet of foot as is Georges, you are surely speedier than I in my non-motorized wheelchair, so at least if it is lust that is driving you, your chance of overtaking Rush is much greater than mine.
But please, BJ, just focus on your fight and leave Georges alone.
Between all the young women who are pursuing him and the business of becoming the most famous MMA fighter in the world, he has enough to consume his energy without defending himself against such stupid notions. Give your overworked imagination a rest.
I am sure you do have enemy forces conspiring against you, even paranoids do have enemies, although I do doubt that Georges is among them.
I myself am often accused of hating Dana White, but my every waking moment is not spent plotting against him.
Such as it is, I do have a life. Now I am writing this message to you in hopes that you will get one too!