Stanley Cup Playoffs Hit Doldrums in '08: What's with All the Lopsided Series?

Josh LewisSenior Analyst IMay 14, 2008

Having watched this year's NHL playoffs since the opening puck drop, I and other hockey fans have been treated to some fine hockey. We've seen some pretty goals, breathtaking saves and bone-crunching hits.

But there's one thing that bothers me. What's with all the series that are over before they started?

Dallas vs. Anaheim should have been a great series. Instead, Dallas went up 2-0 and took it in six.

Dallas vs. San Jose should have been a barnburner. Instead, the Stars won the first three games and survived a late scare to win it in six.

Dallas vs. Detroit should have been an entertaining conference final. Instead, the Wings steamrolled through the first three games and will probably sweep tonight.

Noticing a common thread here?

But it's not only the Stars who are responsible for sucking the entertainment value out of the playoffs. Look at Detroit sweeping Colorado, or the Pens taking the Rangers in five, or the Habs folding like a house of cards against the Flyers.

There have been quite a few potential thrillers that have been cut short far before their time.

I wrote an article a few days ago predicting that the Battle of Pennsylvania would be an all-out war. Now, Pittsburgh is up three games to none. Granted, I wrote that before Kimmo Timonen went down, but it's still extremely disappointing to see a series that should have gone the distance be wrapped up so quickly.

The Western final also should have been a tightly-fought series, considering the torrid run the Stars made through the first two rounds. But no, here we are once again with the Wings leading 3-0.

There have still been some great moments during the 2008 playoffs, such as Evgeni Nabokov robbing Owen Nolan and the four-overtime thriller in Game 6 of the Stars-Sharks match up (and don't forget Ottawa getting swept. That's always a great moment, anytime, anywhere.)

But it takes a lot of the luster away when so many of the series are being won so quickly.

Let's just hope Pittsburgh and Detroit can give us a Stanley Cup final for the ages.