Milwaukee Bucks: How Should John Hammond Manage Trades and the Offseason?

Brad S.Correspondent IMay 14, 2008

Here is how I think the Bucks' offseason will go.

Players that will be on the team for sure next year: Sessions, Bogut, Yi

Players that should be on the team next season: Bell, Mason

Player that will be traded for someting of value: Charlie Villanueva

Player that should be traded but probably won't: Michael Redd

Players that absolutly have to be traded: Simmons, Gadz, Mo

Villanueva is our best trade bait. He played well at times this season, he is young, he has potential, and most importantly, he is very inexpensive. They don't want Yi to feel like he is in a competiton for PT.

We will get something of value for him, probably a young SF or a mid-first-round pick.

They might get something for Mo. He is a very good offensive player, but I have a feeling that people are going to overvalue him and they won't be very happy with what we get.

Simmons and Gadz have to go. They can't be traded on their own because no team would want those contracts, so they'd probably have to try and trade one of them with CV and one of them with Mo.

The problem is that we would would have to make the contracts work in a trade, so I have a feeling we might have a few old players with expiring contracts on the team next season.

Redd would be very hard to trade—he is owed $51 million over the next three years. If the Bucks are willing to just give him away for expiring contracts then it wouldn't be all that difficult, but I doubt they are willing to do that. 

It's much more likely that the Bucks will want something of value for him.

If they were to trade him here is what I think they would want: a veteran PG to back up Sessions, a good young player, a couple of expiring contracts and a draft pick. That's a lot to ask.

Sessions, Bogut, and Yi are the future of this team. They will probably try to get a good young wing player in the draft (SG or SF). Mason and Bell are good back-ups and role players.

All in all it will be interesting to see what direction general manager John Hammond decides to take the team this offseason.