Does Bradley make Pacquiao's list of foes?

Diamond BoxingContributor IAugust 5, 2009

BY: Albert Alvarez

The Grand Arrival of Timothy Bradley? For the quick glance that I saw on Saturday night of Bradley, he sure looked real quick and very well rounded. If Pacquiao fights at 140 I would say that Pacquiao is the best at 140 then Bradley #2, but seeing that Pacquiao fights at whatever weight he negotiates, then I will go on record now to state that Bradley is the best at 140. However, the fight was still too green, anything could have happened in the later rounds. Which leads me to number 2
Nate Campbell- The word that I have been hearing from fans is that they feel that Campbell pulled a Robert Guerrero. My feel is that from what I saw, it sure seemed to me that Bradley was having his way with Nate. The thing is that Nate could have adjusted and might have given the younger Bradley some trouble. Keep in mind that we still had 9 more rounds to go. I believe that Campbell in the second half was going to get gritty with it and make a real dog fight out of it. Bradley might have still been too quick for Campbell. Campbell might have caught Bradley with something crazy. We will never truly know, which is why I love this sport.
Junior ”the Quitter” Witter- How are you gonna travel all the way from the UK to come get your title back, only to quit? Witter, say hello to gatekeeper.
Future of Devon Alexander- The 140 WBC belt holder has alot to choose from. The 140 division is wide open. We have Bradley, Campbell, Holt, Bailey, Urango, Malignaggi, Khan, Ortiz, Maidana, take your pick. For sure if I were Don King I would do a double header at St. Lou with Devon and Cory.
Manny Pacquiao’s Future opponents- Ok, so first of all I love the article in the newest Ring Magazine where the writer takes a stab at who the Pac-Man should face next. Only fighter that had no business being on the list was Kelly Pavlik, Pavlik!! Kelly Pavlik? Are you kidding me? Knowing Roach, Roach would try to drain the 6′1” Pavlik to 147 to even come to mind. After Cotto, My top 10 would be as follows.
#1- Floyd Mayweather Jr.
#2- Shane Mosley
#3- Juan Manuel Marquez
#4- Timothy Bradley
#5- Andre Berto
#6- Edwin Valero
#7- Juan Diaz
#8- Victor Ortiz
#9- Amir Khan
#10- Juan Manuel Lopez
Shane Mosley- I haven’t heard on who Mosley will face next, But I will say that I heard Bradley say that he wants only the big names now. I feel that with Bradley being from Cali and with Mosley being the King of Cali, this fight would do very well at the Staples Center. Since both Timothy Bradley and Shane Mosley are such nice guys, the fight should be billed, No More Mr. Nice Guy!!

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