Why Le'Ron McClain is the Baltimore Ravens' Biggest Problem

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Why Le'Ron McClain is the Baltimore Ravens' Biggest Problem

‘Ego-free’ is how the headline describes him. A story on Ravens’ running back Le’Ron McClain, detailing how hard he works, how likeable he is, and how he genuinely mingles humility with his versatile talent.

These are the exact reasons why the Ravens need to beware this dude at all costs.

Don’t get me wrong, you want this guy on your team. McClain’s presence in the Ravens’ ground attack made much of the difference in the team’s push to the AFC title game in 2008. And he looks to get much, much better this season.

But that always amounts to problems for the Ravens. They are so good at scouting talent, so good at player development, that guys that are supposed to be solid role players frequently blossom into stars. And then they want star money.

Fortunately, McClain appears to be the kind of guy to follow in the Terrell Suggs mold. He might be the kind of guy that likes the area, likes the front office and wants to make a career and a life in Baltimore. But if the right offer comes his way, Ozzie Newsome has demonstrated that he won’t stop anyone from going to get their money.

And if a slate of these young guys pan out, namely a receiver or a cornerback, the Ravens’ will once again be in a position to pick who they can afford. And in a league thin on standout backs, McClain may be expendable.

And all of this is on the premise that he doesn’t have another break out year and becomes deserving of a massive contract extension.

So here’s hoping that the Ravens can solve their biggest problem in Le’Ron McClain. Granted, its a great problem to have, but definitely a problem in the making.

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