Michigan Wolverines: Trouble in Ann Arbor

Chris ConradCorrespondent IMay 14, 2008

After championship hopes came to a screeching halt last year thanks to Divison 1-AA Appalcation State, many Michigan Wolverines fans gave the infamous quote “Wait till next year”.  But the Wolverines fought back and Beat Heisman winner Tim Tebow in the capital one bowl.

The Wolverines said good bye to many standout players including the first pick in the 2008 draft—Jake Long, Mike Hart, Chad Henne, and Mario Manningham.

The Wolverines also said goodbye to the long time coach Lloyd Carr who previously coached the wolverines team from 1995-2008. He won a share of the big ten title five times and his 1997 team was declared National champions by the associated press.

He led his beloved Wolverines to a 122-40 record in 13 years. Incredible numbers, but it was time to say goodbye.

The run between the tackles game is not satisfying new football fans. They want to see the quarterback run every play or throw a 70-yard touchdown pass.

The question is, is that Michigan Football? Is the spread offense the right offense to run when your backup quarterback is 6’8 and very limited speed.  

Well Ryan Mallet didn’t think so. That’s why he is long gone and is playing at the University of Arkansas. When the going got tough, Michigan Athletic director Bill Martin brought in Rich Rodriguez of West Virginia who is recently being sued by his former university for $4.1 million.

Also Terrell Pryor, the number one recruit in the United States, recently narrowed it down to two colleges. Bitter rivals Ohio State and Michigan. But failure to pursue him then gave him right to the rival Ohio State where he will be hurting the Wolverines for the next 4 years.

Why we ask? Why bring in a total different style when the run between the tackles and play action pass has been working for years? Why bring in a coach who is being sued for $4.1 million? And the last question Wolverine’s fans have for Bill Martin and Rich Rodriguez: Who is going to be our quarterback next year?

Simple questions like this can go a long way. But as questions continue to get unanswered, come next season, we will see what this Michigan front office and Coaching staff can produce.