Chicago Bulls: A Windy City Meltdown?

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Chicago Bulls: A Windy City Meltdown?

A sure catch right? Mike D’Antoni, Larry Brown, Avery Johnson, or Rick Carlisle. All of whom were heavily pursued by the Chicago Bulls(or we thought so at least).

But sources say John Paxon and the bull’s organization never made big enough effort to sign any of these exciting coaches. 

When D’Antoni was announced to the New York Knicks last week, many angry and skeptical Chicago fans wanted to hear answers.

How could we let a coach that has carried the Phoenix Suns with 232 wins over the past four years and only 96 losses? Incredible numbers D’Antoni has put up over the years and why Phoenix fans want him out is mind wondering?

We all understand he cannot win in the playoffs. But if you bring him to Chicago, he’ll build back a playoff team.  You’re going into the playoffs not having to face Dallas or San Antonio.

I think my odds are on D’Antoni’s side.

A report from the Chicago Tribune said that multiple Bulls’ players were excited about playing under Mike D’Antoni, So besides the fact that you have no coach, you also have several unhappy players awaiting you.

This all goes back to December 24, when a struggling Bulls team said goodbye to their longtime Coach Scott Skiles.  Again many angry and skeptical Bulls’ fans felt it on Christmas Eve.

Another option for the Bulls is Avery Johnson. Although he said the Bulls have not shown any interest in him, much of us believe that was before our sprits where shot down when both Carslile and D’Antoni signed.

Avery Johnson will pick you up on the defensive side, but many question his sense of play calling on the offensive side.

If he does come to Chicago, he will not have a seven foot shooting guard in Dirk Nowitski and a point guard in Jason Terry and Jason Kidd.

Many question the lack of a superstar on this Bulls’ roster, and many wonder if Avery Johnson couldn’t win with Dirk, how is he going to fare in Chicago?

Also, the Bulls also are hoping to interview a pair of assistants still working in the playoffs, Boston's Tom Thibodeau and Detroit's Michael Curry, which is why the search may continue through the conclusion of the NBA Finals.

Coaches know the problems in Chicago starting with their GM and know that the lack of stability is real low in the front office. But no matter what happens.

The next person to step in and coach this Chicago Bulls team will not be the Chicago Bulls’ first choice.


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