At 48, Dennis Rodman Would Still Be Toughest Player on Raptors

Brad NortonCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2009

So, this has probably been written, said, and typed a million times.  But I haven't read it yet and I wanted to make my own case on why Dennis Rodman should fill the final spot on the Toronto Raptors' roster.

As we all know, he is the fiercest guy to ever play basketball, except for maybe some guys in jail.  Anyway, it's been a long time since he has graced an NBA court as a player; in fact, it's been 9 years.

He's now 48 years young, but is still one tough S.O.B.  Seven months ago, he actually won the first ever celebrity championship wrestling title, beating out the likes of Butter Bean, Dustin Diamond, Danny Bonaduce, Erin Murphy, Frank Stallone, Trishelle Canatella, Todd Bridges, Tiffany(the singer), and Nikki Ziering.

If I remember correctly, they were learning how to throw people through the ropes and Rodzilla (Rodman's wrestling name) actually tossed Bonaduce through the ropes when he was actually just supposed to grab him and direct him and make it look like he tossed him.

Bonaduce actually had to leave the show because he injured his back and was in quite a bit of pain.  It was not as bad as originally thought.  So, Danny returned to the show, but, got eliminated the next week.

When Trichelle found out that she and "Rodzilla" were going to be practicing together, she said something like, " I was actually really worried and scared because Dennis was actually injuring people and being too agressive."  

I think he actually hurt the Mean Bean once or twice, too.  This guy is still tougher than nails at age 48.  During his career, he played power forward and small forward, which are two positions the Raptors need depth at.

I'm sure Rodman would love to make a return to the NBA and he'd probably be willing to play for any team.  He'd accept a one-year deal and likely take the veterans minimum.

If the above does not make you think twice about bringing Rodman out of retirement, just think; even if he was half as tough as he once was, that is a whole lot of toughness.

He'd only be playing maybe five out of 10 games, and he'd play garbage minutes. Hopefully, he would rub off on the other players and improve their toughness and defence.

He'd also probably beat the hell out of Chris Bosh after the game, especially if Bosh made one of those comments he did last season, like blaming a loss on Jamario Moon.

He is exactly like Reggie Evans except is better offensively, has 5 rings, two of which he won without M.J. by his side.  He's not afraid of guys, gets right into players' faces, chases down the ball, isn't afraid to play rough defense, isn't afraid he'll get suspended, and he also enjoys kicking the odd camera guy.

Just take a look at this video evidence documenting Rodman's toughness:

My point is everyone always complains about how the Raptors are soft and have terrible defense and that Bryan needs to acquire some toughness. We need one more Dennis Rodman type player(Reggie Evans is the first). Well, why try to find a Rodman type player when you can have the originator himself Dennis Rodman.

He would be a great addition even if he's 48. When has there ever been someone more physical and dirty than Dennis Rodman? There hasn't.

The final roster spot should not be filled by Pops, or Joey Graham, or some other guy.  It needs to be filled by 48-year-old Dennis Rodman and that's the bottom line because I said so.

On a side note: The man may cross-dress. but, would you confront him about it?  Didn't think so.