A Dream Come True: CCW Review

David PhillipsAnalyst IAugust 5, 2009

In the first ever Wednesday Night show for the "CCW" (The Carolina Championship Wrestling), a new and innovative promotion set to crown their first ever CCW Champion.

The night would start with CCW founder and booker Josh Staples announcing the four man tournament to crown the new CCW Champion. He would show off the new CCW Belt. The title featured a blue globe on a white strap, sort of like the WWF's version of the Intercontinental Title, circa 1995.

This was shown to the crowd of around 60 packed into the National Guard Armory in a small town called Elkin, N.C.

The night began with a Tag Team contest that featured The New Age Rebels vs. The Bridge St Gang.

The Rebels came out sporting the rebel flag pants, looking like a rough set of boys, whilst the Bridge St Gang (This was the name of the Street the Armory was on) came out wearing loose fitting jeans and bandanas tied to their arms, along with gold chain's.

The match was also part of the 32 team tag team tournament which will end at the CCW 's November show. This match was a typical bout, with the rough and tough Rebels trying to ground the high flying Gang.

The match lasted only seven minutes when the referee was distracted by a fan that actually threw an adult beverage bottle into the ring. The BS Gang wrapped their big gold chain around one of their fists and knocked one member of the Rebels out. The referee then got back into the ring and counted the three count.

After the match was over and the Bridge St Gang moved onto the next round of the tag team tournament, the fan that threw the beer bottle into the ring jumped the guard-rail and was announced the newest member of the Bridge St Gang. 

After a five minute silence, music hit as the ring annoucer announced the next contest. This was set for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit and was a semi-final match to crown the new CCW Champion.

Making his way to the ring first, from Hamptonville N.C weighing in at 245 pounds was John Absher.

Absher was bald, about 6 foot 1 and was playing the typical heel character. Almost all 60 people in the crowd booed Absher, who would throw a middle finger up at them every now and then to get a better reaction.

Then the ring annoucer next presented, from Huntsville GA, the 220 pound Jerry Lighting.

Jerry Lighting vs John Absher: Semi-Finals Match for the CCW Championship

This match started off when Absher, still distracted by fans, wasn't ready and Lighting caught him off guard with a drop kick from the top rope. In the early going's of the match, Lighting's quick and unique style was too much for Absher to keep up with.

Absher would finally get away from Lighting on the outside of the ring, where a fan actually threw beer in Absher's face.

The Lighting and Absher match had a fifteen minute time limit. The ring announcer said this match has reach the ten minute mark and that there were five minutes left in this contest.

Absher would get the advantage with a devastating clothesline. Absher covered Lighting but only got a two count. Absher then picked up Lighting for a powerbomb, but again got a two count as the annoucer said there were two mins remaining.

Absher picked up Lighting again and hit the Kill Switch for yet another two count. 

This Lighting kid was tough. Absher was getting angrier by the second.

The announcer said that only one minute remained. Absher then picked up Lighting and powerbombed him over the top rope, which the referee didn't see (sending your opponent over the top rope would be a DQ in the CCW).

The referee started the count as the ring announcer said that there were 30 seconds left in the contest. Lighting started getting to his feet at the nine count, but it wasn't enough. The ring announcer said that the winner by count out was John Absher.

Wow, what a match! Lighting didn't actually move for around four to five minutes after the match was over.

The Announcer started again, announcing that the next contest was a Semi final match in the CCW Championship tournament. Out first from, Jonesville NC, weighing in at 210 pounds was Josh "Pretty Boy" Hamby.

Hamby came out looking kind of like a snowboarder with his shaggy hair and his Abercrombie clothes, looking like some sort of pretty boy. The women were going crazy at this point, screaming Hamby's name.

Then the announcer said his opponent was the mexican EL Charito. A naked wrestler then came through the curtain.

El Charito vs Pretty Boy Hamby: Semi-Final Match in the Tournament

Charito did not remind me of a mexican wrestler at all, but it didnt matter.

Hamby would put him in a version of the STF that reminded me of William Regal's version. The match was over after only 2 minutes, with Hamby barely breaking a sweat.

There were actually two more matches in between the Hamby match and the Main Event.

Then it was time for the main event.

First, founder Staples would take the microphone and thank the fans for coming out and hoped they had enjoyed the show. He then asked if they were getting ready to watch history. 

He went on to introduce the ring announcer. The referee sent out a special thanks to a few people, before telling the crowd that the tournament had started over a year ago, with 62 men in 6 different promotions vying for the CCW Championship.

Then the annoucer said that the main event match was scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit and was to crown the first ever CCW Champion.  

First, Pretty Boy Josh Hamby made his way to the ring. The music then hit for Absher, but he didn't come out. The annoucer did it again, but another wrestler came out to tell Staples something.

After about ten minutes of Staples, the ring announcer and the wrestler from backstage talking (all the while Hamby with a smirk on his face), the ring announcer got on the mic and said that Absher had been attacked backstage and was unable to compete.

Hamby grabbed the microphone and declared himself the CCW Champion. This was when Staples, the founder, got in the ring. He got the mic and said "Oh, but wait! It's not that easy. Since Absher can not compete, the man who lost the semi-final match, Johnny Lighting, will take his spot. The ring announcer reminded Staples that Lighting was taken to the hospital.

Hamby then got the mic and said: "Staples, you have no one that can beat me! I'm undefeated in the CCW! Just give me the title and let me go home."

Staples said "Oh, but wait! There's a man who is employed here at the CCW that wasn't medically cleared to compete when this tournament started and has never wrestled in the CCW, but is willing to help any way possible".

He then said he was the head reporter here to night, David Phillips (Who, me?! UH OH! I had told Staples I would help with anything, but I didn't come here to wrestle)

After a brief talk with Staples, I headed to the back to get ready. I borrowed a wrestler's tights and went backstage. "Enter sandman" hit the speakers and I heard the ring announcer say, "weighing in at 252 pounds, from Galax Va, David Phillips."

Josh Hamby vs David Phillips: CCW Championship Finals Match

This was all too real for me. 

I was on top of the world. I went from reporting to wrestling for the title, all in one night!

In the early going's of the match, I would get tossed around. The most painful move of the match was the Superplex off the tope rope. It felt like my back was broken.

After about five minutes, I was ready to run over and punch Staples in the face for talking me into this. Heck, at this point, I didn't even remember the conversation I had just had with Staples!

Hamby would put his STF submisson hold on about ten minutes into the match, but I was too close to the ropes and he had to break the hold. ( I was so lucky, even though it did take me a few minutes to realise I was that close to the ropes)

Throughout this match, I was thinking to myself "I really dont want to win this match do I? Why don't I just lay here and get pinned?" Well, I dont know if it was instinct or what, but I just couldnt let it happen.

The turning point of the match was when Absher came to ringside after being attacked backstage, followed by Staples coming up on to the apron of the ring to distract the referee.

Absher jumped in the ring and hit Hamby with three consecutive powerbombs, so instead of just going for the pin, I went to the top rope and hit Hamby with an elbow that would make Shane O Mac proud!

I then covered Hamby as the ref went down. 

1-2-3 ding ding ding!

I had just won the CCW Title with only one offensive move all night.

This was huge. Staples came in the ring and put the title around my waist as the ring annoucer said "The WINNER and NEW CCW Champion David Phillips!"

That's when all the performers and staff of CCW came out and held me up on there shoulders.

My career as a pro wrestler had began.


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