A Look Ahead: 2010 Off Season For Your San Francisco Giants

Joey D'AndreContributor IAugust 5, 2009

San Francisco

The Giants are having a phenomenal season. I think that the 2010 off season will be huge, determining if this was just a fluke or not.

With phenom Buster Posey taking huge strides in his first year of pro baseball, I'm guessing the Giants won't resign Bengie Molina and will have Buster in the pros.

Pablor Sandoval is having an unbelievable breakout season, and is the new face of the franchise. If the Giants could get a big bopper to bat fourth behind Sandoval, he could be a 30-plus home run guy. The pitchers would have to go right at him, and a solid four hitter who could be at least a 25 or 30 home run man combined with the Giants out of this world pitching they would not only make the playoffs, but they could go very deep.

So here is a list of the top hitters on this years free agent market.

Russell Branyan - 24 home runs

Jason Bay - 20 home runs

Matt Holliday - 14

Jermaine Dye - 24

Vladimir Guerrero - 27 home runs in 2008

This is the short list of hitters on the market who can hit the long ball.

First, we have Russell Branyan. He is getting up there in age at 34, but Branyan is on track to blast a career high in home runs. I know we already have Garko but Branyan and the short porch in right sounds pretty good.

Then there is Jason Bay. He is only 31-year-old and is peaking right now. With Freddy Lewis not panning out and Randy Winn's contract up after this year, there will be a open spot in the out field. With that said, I don't know why the Red Sox wouldn't resign him, but if we offer him a good enough contract who knows.

It's pretty much the same story with Holliday, he is only 30 but he finally giving Pujols some serious protection so why wouldn't they resign him.

Jermaine Dye is a guy I really like, every year there have been rumors that he will be moved but never has been. I don't think the White Sox are going to resign him and I bet he would return to the bay. Dye still swings a big stick and could be just what the Giants need.

Now to Vladdy. He's been pretty much all season and can't play the field anymore so Vlad in San Francisco, I doubt but his name is worth mentioning.

I want to hear your opinion. Tell me who you think they should sign, or what trade they should make.