Christian Retains His Championship in an Extreme Main Event on ECW

No BodyCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2009

I was pretty impressed with ECW tonight. I thought it was going to be awful since it started off with Abraham Washington's talk show, but even that turned out to be better than usual.

I was honestly dreading how ECW was going to turn out starting with the man I despise more than Cena, Abraham Washington. He started off with those lame jokes that he always tells, this time targeting where ECW was being taped, Long Island, NY.

His jokes were cut short, however, by none other than Zack Ryder. The two exchanged insults and then agreed to focus on someone who was even worse than themselves: Shelton Benjamin.

This, of course, forced Benjamin to come out and give his retort. I have to admit I actually laughed when Abe called Benjamin a Dennis Rodman wannabe. Ryder and Benjamin went on to have a painful singing contest officiated by Abraham Washington himself.

Both "singers" were booed heavily by the crowd, however, this contest was not the end of it. Ryder attacked Benjamin as he was singing but paid for his sins when Benjamin retaliated and threw Ryder over Abraham Washington's Rent-A-Center couch.

Is this possibly setting up a feud between the two?

It certainly looks that way, which is strange in my mind, considering how WWE rarely sets up heel vs. heel feuds. Perhaps this will be to determine who the next No. 1 contender is for Christian's ECW title. Both deserve it in my opinion and could use the push.

The first actual match was Ezekiel Jackson vs. a jobber. Unfortunately, I sneezed and missed the entire match, but I assume Jackson got the pin.

Kozlov then came out and showed his dominance again, followed up this time by Jackson attacking the poor jobber yet again.

Wherever WWE is going with this storyline, they should get to it, because this routine is going to get stale fast. It's not like Kozlov is interfering in Jackson's matches; instead he's merely agitating him.

The next match was a Sheamus vs. Goldust round two. The result was no different this time around with Sheamus once again coming out on top. The aftermath, however, was another story.

Goldust attacked Sheamus after the match, allowing the two to possibly expand on a feud, as opposed to Goldust simply putting Sheamus over as a glorified jobber.

The third match was the main event: an Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship between Christian and Tommy Dreamer.

Unlike Raw, the match actually started with more than five minutes left in the show, so the two were actually able to perform a number of moves. Cena would be totally lost.

To get the fans into the match, Dreamer and Christian both carried a unique item to the ring with them. Dreamer wheeled a hot dog cart alongside him, while Christian carried a car door on his shoulder.

This was interesting to say the least. And I learned something new about hot dog carts. Apparently, the condiment holders are made of solid steel! Who knew? Good thing Matt Striker was there to inform me of that little-known fact.

Anyway, Christian got hit with these indestructible condiment holders and somehow lived. The two continued to brawl, going around the ring, grabbing, and destroying numerous trash cans along the way.

The match ended when Christian hit the Killswitch on top of the car door. He then added insult to injury by actually pinning Dreamer with the door. A bit of overkill if you ask me, but I guess whatever works.

So overall, ECW was a pretty good show in my opinion. Actually, I think it may have surpassed Raw this week.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feedback is greatly appreciated.