Amir Sadollah vs. Johny Hendricks: A Well-Rounded Matchup

Shawn SmithCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2009

This Saturday, we will finally see the first fight of Amir Sadollah outside of the Ultimate Fighter tournament. Sadollah brings a strong ground game and some solid stand-up in against a strong wrestler with knockout ability in Johny Hendricks. 

Twice previously, Sadollah had fights booked which he could not compete in, but barring any ludicrous accidents between now and then, we will finally see how Sadollah will do against another rising star in the Welterweight Division. 

Althought Sadollah states that he is a white belt in Jiu-Jitsu, his past fights have proven this to be false.

On the Ultimate Fighter, he twice defeated C.B Dollaway by armbar and submitted the gritty and tough Matt Brown via triangle. Sadollah also possesses a rather impressive stand-up game as well. He has TKO victories both on the Ultimate Fighter against Gerald Harris and on his amateur record.

He stated in an interview with that he also has held WKA Muay-Thai Championships and this would lead one to believe that his stand-up game may be as devastating as his ground game.

Johny Hendricks, however, is no slouch. Hendricks brings some of the most impressive wrestling credentials seen in MMA into this fight and will be looking to put them on display. While attending the University of Oklahoma, Hendricks won back-to-back National Division I Championships in 2005 and 2006 at 165 pounds. He was also the National Wrestling Champion at 160 pounds in high school.

In short, his wrestling is no joke. He held a very impressive record of 56-0 before suffering his first loss and these credentials make his wrestling among the best in the sport. 

Although he has only five professional fights, Hendricks has showed a well-rounded game that could take him far in mixed martial arts. He has three Knockout victories, one submission victory, and a decision.

Simply put, Hendricks has the ability to give any member of the UFC’s welterweight division fits and will look to do the same to Sadollah. 

With both fighters being so well-rounded it is hard to guess where this fight will take place. One thing that can be assumed is that Hendricks will be the one to choose where the fight takes place.

With such impressive wrestling credentials, Hendricks should be able to take the fight down at will and if it is Sadollah that wants the fight to go down, Hendricks should be able to defend the shot. 

Sadollah will likely look to get this fight to the ground and if he can do so, he may be able to submit Hendricks. It’s a well known fact that most wrestlers do poorly from their back, so if Sadollah can get him there it could be a rather miserable night for Hendricks.

On the other hand, Hendricks may look to take the fight down and pound away from top position.

Either way, this should be a very entertaining fight that has loads of both stand-up and ground work.