Frank Williams Gives Juan Pablo Montoya a Midnight Call.. Just a Hallo?

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 Frank Williams Gives Juan Pablo Montoya a Midnight Call.. Just a Hallo?
(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Apparently Juan Pablo Montoya's performance in NASCAR prompted his old boss to give him a congratulatory call.

That was very nice, or is there another reason for that call?

Michael Schumacher is coming back to the diminished sport and just maybe, they want to add the other spice that made Formula 1 fun .

How much money will it take to get Montoya back to Formula one?

Hard to say, but I’m sure there is a price.

I’m a big NASCAR fan and would keep watching it, but it would be fun to see Juan Pablo trading jabs in the podium interviews , specially with Michael.

The other reason for the call, and probably the one that makes more sense, again, this is just an asifyouknow rumor, after all you know I'm a B/R analyst. Stop laughing!

BMW is getting out of Formula 1, there are rumors they may get into stock car racing.

Humm!! How about a BMW /Williams team in NASCAR, now your talking a budget to match the best teams in stock car racing.

How about a driver they like and know? one that may not have a team in a few years …hummm makes you think, don’t it?

I smell a Williams team, in NASCAR, in a BMW and a driver named Juan Pablo Montoya driving it.

Am I nuts?

Well, maybe , but it’s sure fun to dream, and who is to say it won’t happen?

If it does, boy it would be fun , that’s for sure.

But maybe Mr. Williams was just calling to say hallo or maybe not.

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