Minnesota Timberwolves-What Is The Road From Here

Ticket BoyContributor IAugust 4, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - JANUARY 12: Minnesota Timberwolves team mascot Crunch rides a Segway down the red carpet during a promotion for the film 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop', starring Kevin James, on January 12, 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Cory Ryan/Getty Images)

Changes have been made, and people have been fired since David Kahn took over as General Manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves. For better or for worse, this team has broken all ties with Kevin McHale, and has started to go in a separate direction. A new group of players now howl, where the old ones once yelped. Changes have been made for the better.

What we have

The Timberwolves are headed in a different direction, we have taken an exit to a run and gun style of play. We have two point guards that are lightening quick in transition, and make some very outstanding passes. We have a player that rebound and give an outlet pass in the same motion, and also be able to keep up with the guards to give them someone to ally-oop to. We have a player can get out in transition, and knock down the three if he is open. And lastly, we have the perfect trailer, if the fast break get stopped, he can set himself up in the paint and give us two points.

What we don't have

When David Kahn took over as the General Manager of the Timberwolves, he made sure we knew that this road we had taken, had a lot of bumps and bruises, but in the end we would get to our final destination. As Timberwolves fans we have gotten used to being bumped and we the scars to show for it, but we are not used to someone telling us, that the road ahead is bad and that we need to buckle up, we have not been able to imagine the emblem of the Larry O'Brain trophy sewn on to the jersey of our beloved team. Now, I can imagine.

But for the time being, this team is on the worst part of the road. We do not have a true center, but two power forwards, running up and down the court. We also do not have a good short forwards, that can defend and finish in transition.

But, after this road there seems to be another road slightly less bumpy, over all better than the one we are on now, and that road will appear in the 2010 NBA Draft. We have a chance of having 3 first round picks next year, and if David Kahn can make some moves like he did this year, we might have to in the top 10 again. And, the best part about next years draft is that it is stocked with big men ready to prove themselves on the big stage. Two players that I am paying especially close attention to are Cole Aldrich and Al-Forouq Aminu.

What we need

Cole Aldrich is a 6'11" center from Kansas. What really impresses me about him is his offensive moves and his defensive prowess. He is the perfect complement to both Al Jefferson and Kevin Love, because he can block shots and that would allow them to play the opposing power forward tight, because they know, that if they lose their man, they still have Cole to block the shots.

The best part about it is that, if coached right, playing time will not be an issue.

  1. Kevin Love is one of the few players of his talent that wouldn't mind going to the bench if he got enough minutes, the reason I can say this is because he himself admitted the he is a bench player.
  2. Each postion in the nba plays 48 minutes, right? Well, that means two positions combined will play 96 minutes. So if Cole Aldrich, Kevin love, and Al Jefferson each play 30 minutes a night, then we would still have 6 minutes left over for a player like Ryan Hollins, this is a way all three of them could be happy

Al-Forouq Aminu is a 6'8" short forward from Wake Forest, that can defend well and finish in transition. He has a developing three point shot, and he can come in and start right away.

The last thing we need is a new coach, my preference would be someone that knows how to win, is willing to run, is very defensive minded, and and is good in a set offense. Someone like Kurt Rambis for example, I think that the players will respond to him, and that he can turn into a very good coach in the future

I can already imagine, game seven of the NBA finals being held in the Target Center. Lights going off, people lining up out side of the arena, and many bandwagon jumpers in the priceless seats of the Target center. That is when me and all of my fellow Timberwolves fans will be able to hold our head up high and say that we have been in this caravan from the beginning, we have felt the bumps and bruises, and our scars run deeper than anyone elses. We will be able to say that, we have been in this caravan since the beginning, and we didn't hitch hike our way here. But we will only be able to say that at the end of our road trip, our journey.