Breaking It Down: D-Generation X's WWE Impact and Return, Can You Say Ratings?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 4, 2009

After much speculation from wrestling rumor sites, the WWE has started a small storyline to build up HBK Shawn Michaels WWE return. For those who don't know, Michaels has been MIA since his Wrestlemania match with the Undertaker.

Last night on RAW after Triple H's loss to Legacy he told the WWE RAW crowd that he feels he cannot get it done alone; that he needs to start a group up. He comically threw out the prospect of seeing an Evolution return, then he said he would make just one phone call. He then said, "If your not down with that, we have two words for ya!"

Of course the crowd screamed "Suck It!"

All of this of course signals a DX return, right?

Well, as the great Lee Corso always says, "Not so fast my friend".

During the somewhat funny phone conversation, we did not hear a name. We all assume it is Shawn Michaels though. He then gave another hint to a DX return by asking the person on the other end "Are You Ready?"

The person quickly hung up the phone, making it seem as if he didn't want to have anything to do with DX.

I feel that the storyline is kind of going to be where we see HBK not wanting to come back, but something triggers him to feel like he has to. Maybe it is an attack on Triple H, maybe it is a personal attack.

Michaels is getting up in age and now has a lighter schedule similar to the Undertaker's, so he won't be going into a massive schedule like he had before. Fans need not worry, he will be back.

Of course I do not know the entire storyline or how it will play out, but I would assume we will see a DX return that lasts more than a week or so.

HBK really wants to take is slow from what reports are saying, he does not want to be a big main event player anymore, more so just have fun. He is already a big name, so whatever match he is in will get attention.

He knows that he does not have to be in a title match to do that. Which is why DX makes so much sense for him.

If they do put Michaels and Triple H back together again, Michaels will do tag matches, which are not nearly as bad on the body as singles matches are.

They were together as DX for almost a year or so back in 2006 and early 2007. The ratings were very good then, mainly because just about all wrestling fans out there love DX. They are the main focus of the show when they are on, which puts both Triple H and HBK in the spotlight more.

Like I said, Michaels knows he does not have to be in title matches anymore. This is the same with Triple H, they both feel that DX is better for them. The reason they ended it last time was because of Triple H getting hurt, then going to SmackDown.

Then they realized having them go back to singles wrestling with just a few DX appearances was better than having them stay together all the time.

But that was then. It seems that the ratings have started to decrease as of late, and they are not near where they were in 2006 and 2007. Some believe it is because of the PG rating, but that means nothing to me.

I feel that the writers need to step it up, if they can give us something interesting, who cares what the rating is?

DX has always been interesting to watch, in fact it gives writers a break. HBK and Triple H come up with a lot of their material, so the writers don't have to work on the segments they are in.

Triple H is a part of the creative team on RAW, and he also writes most of his own material normally. The same can be said for HBK half the time, unless he is in a main event storyline like he was heading into Wrestlemania a few years back in which the writers took over most of the material written.

However, when it comes to DX's material, Triple H and HBK are into total control.

They have been around for a while, and have a ton of pull in the company. So it is not like they will fire them if they bring a little edge to their segments. Will they do as much as they did last time? Not too sure.

Remember, they were able to do a lot during the PG-13 rating artistically. However, we should realize that they did use some material that would work in PG. Of course they can't be sticking people up Big Show's butt anymore, but a lot of the other stuff is possible.

They are both smart people, so I would think they could come up with something.

I feel that the WWE knows their ratings are slipping and DX could contribute. Historically, DX brought ratings; more than any celebrity appearance outside of Trump on the commercial free RAW.


DX has a huge impact on the WWE Universe, and I am sure the WWE knows this. Which is why HBK will return soon to join up with Triple H and bring the group back long term.

Since RAW will be in Canada next week, I am not to sure they will bring Michaels back then. We all know his problems with the Canadian crowd.

So the only good time to bring him back would be at Summerslam, which will be in LA. You could bring him back then, and this would be something fans would want to see. Therefore, that would get people to buy the WWE PPV.

Summerslam looks to be just ok so far, so they need some hype for people to want to buy the show. If they can do that by hyping up a DX return, why not?

Michaels planned to come back around this time, he will have a lighter schedule and he won't have a singles role like he had before if he is in DX again.

The fans need something interesting to watch on RAW. The guest hosts are doing alright, but nothing that is going to bring in large numbers. DX can do that, so there is no reason not to bring them back long term.

Especially now, when neither HBK or Triple H have a storyline they are currently in. Other than Triple H's long term feud with Legacy, which seems to never end. But that is ok, because they could center DX's return around that.