Why Fedors Strikeforce Deal Is NOT a Bad Move.

Mark HoppsCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2009

Fedor has suffered from a lot of bad press due to his decision not to enter MMA's flagship organization The UFC. The backlash from fans is understandable, who doesnt want to see Fedor vs. Brock or finally see him battle it out with Randy Couture. Not to mention potential fights with up-and-comers like Shane Carwin and Dos Santos while another bout with Mirko "Cro Cop" is even an interesting prospect.

The feeling that this isn't going to happen yet and the fact its due to unreasonable demands by the Russian (and I suspect more to the point his management) does not sit well with fans of MMA.

However the UFC's heavy weight division is just starting to recover after years of underwhelming fights with the odd spike of excitement.

With the exception of Brock Fedor will face similar challenges in Strikeforce. You have Brett Rogers who has a record not unlike Carwins. I think Overeem would be an interesting bout despite his questionable chin. Werdum will probably enter the mix somewhere with this only being a 3 fight deal.

What I think is interesting though is what will happen to the UFC's Heavy Weight Division in the 2 years or so that Fedor is under contract with Strikeforce.

The division in the UFC is still not very deep, as allueded to earlier it is a division in recovery, it is without a doubt off life support but still in the hospital learning to walk on its own again.

Obviously this is all speculation but if Brock reigns supreme over the next 2 years or so he becomes a far more attractive opponent for Fedor and his legacy. It also means he will be a far more accomplished fighter, I for one would rather see a Brock with 2 years experience fight Fedor. That is a scary Brock.

You also will have the added injection of talent from TUF Heavyweights, who if experience tells us anything will be starting to make waves in the HW division by that time.

It would not surprise me if the Russians team would still demand  Co-Promotion but who know's what can happen in 2 years.

Patience is a virtue and a decision that's frustrating today may look a hell of a lot better down the line.