The Fistic Top Ten: Can You Handle The Truth?

ChristianCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2009

CARSON, CA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Shane Mosley f(L) ights Ricardo Mayorga of Nicaragua in the seventh round during their junior middleweight bout at the Home Depot Center on September 27, 2008 in Carson, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)


As we enter the dog days of summer boxing fans I ask you to come with me on a journey of boxing truth and justice.

It has been a somber pugilistic summer solace and I think that some good boxing banter and as always comical fresh boxing stupidity will give us the chance to block out what is currently hurting us all.

I have been quite reticent in recent months watching and hearing and reading the sport we all know and love. I have many beefs. Many things to say. Some of you will like it and of course some of you will not.

In arguing with the dumb f$$k’s of the world like captain fat or going back and forth with stoker the feuds, debates, and overall astute nature of my chats is something that I relish as a writer and I will continue to spit the truth.

As of late I have noticed that people who have no clue how boxing works have been getting bolder and bolder with each piece I write. It’s a laughable yet tragic trend that I will snuff out with logic and fact. Two powerful allies in the arena of boxing debate.

Feel free to weigh in where and if you can. I ask that those who don’t actually write or have any creative atoms in their respective beings to shut the f%$k up and learn from the best. I have prepared a three course meal of which you all can gorge on to your infinite delight. All systems go…


Boxing’s current Top Ten (take with water call me in the mourning)

10. King Arthur Abraham        30-0  Former IBF Middleweight champion

I have been involved in many arguments concerning this man as of late. The argument centers around if he passed Pavlik without actually FIGHTING pavlik. In a flash Arthur exited the 160 pound division to greener tourney laced Showtime pastures.

Kelly meanwhile is left with seemingly no one to fight. I think in some parts this is due to the fact that the Kings stock just keeps going up. It has not really stopped his whole career. He is the rare heavy handed puncher who couples his heavy digits with elegant speed.

He also appears to have a good beard although I am waiting to see how he deals with 168 pound body punching. His highness has a dash of top level boxing intuition to go along with that power. Tell me this fans.

What REALLY stopped Top rank from making the King/Kelly fight? I have the answer no worries. Risk. Bob arum is no dull knife. He saw an undefeated monster and he knew his emotionally shot fighter would not stand a chance.

It is this MAN who until a couple weeks ago was the real middleweight world champion. Screw ding. Screw HBO. This man was the man at 160 and that is why it was he not the ghost who was mailed a multi million dollar deal to fight in a very intriguing boxing promotion even though it is a Showtime presentation.

If the loquacious yet limited Carl Froch can beat down Jeannine Taylor then anyone with smart money would have to bet that Arthur knocks Taylor out with out problem or consequence.

I don’t see Arthur really getting tested for the first phase of this “classic” tourney so the deeper more penetrating questions about the King will have to be answered another day. Welcome to my rankings King. Anything you need while you are here let me know.


9.Chad Dawson       28-0     Light Heavyweight titlist

This is a tough call boxing fans. I as I type am wondering if this is a warranted selection. Why do I pontificate fans? Well this mans stock is not convincing me to buy multiple shares. He had a dreadful performance against Tarver and it exposed WHY he is not a bankable star.

He simply does not draw. I would suppose that it does not help that his consumer unfriendly handlers keep staging his fights five trillion miles from where his fan base resides. I went to college in CT and I can tell you there are three prime venues in which Dawson’s following plus interested mainstream CT’ers would come and pay money to get in.

You have the Hartford Civic Center which is gigantic. You have two amazing casinos. No Instead Russ Greenburg in all his glory stages the God da## fight at a desolate (for Vegas standards) boring venue that drew no fans whatsoever.

It looked the beginning of fight night round 3 where you fight in half filled ball rooms when you are still 10 fights away from the title. It was horrible. Not to mention the telecast was coupled with the fantastic Hatton/Pac tilt which incidentally amplified how badly Management and HBO Fu#ked up.

It is true that Chad’s lack of drawing power is hurting his rise. But maybe it also has something to do with the way his career is being sculpted from a consumer point of view. Back to the Macro.

Chad will get through this fight with the affable Glenn Johnson(who I love) I believe that he needs to chase a fight with Bernard Hopkins, or perhaps a cruiserweight title rematch with the rising TA. He needs a marquee attraction worse the Barack needs a black and mild.

He is undefeated, the best in his division, and a good guy yet he is bringing in tap dance recital gates. He needs to keep winning but no more trips to the land of b level fighters. For the next 2 years it has to be top level opponents and that’s it


8. Wladimir  Klitschko     53-3    Unified/Ding Heavyweight champion               

Wald. I have placed you even in about the same place I placed you last time my reason is about the same reason it was last time. I have to give you some credit before I undress you yet again.

The credit is the way you handled the David Haye situation. You were very graceful in your response to his “injury” and you were swift in choosing another opponent. You had the option of delaying the fight until mid July but in the midst of that decision you were informed of how that would affect the fans that had already paid.

You then chose to give the FANS a fight around the same date that you had stipulated months earlier. I have also noticed that you are now leaning towards fighting the surprising Eddie chambers because you believe that would be better for boxing and the American public. Here is my typed dap Wald. That’s a pretty darn cool sting of events on your part.

On the other hand you continue to be a horrible heavyweight champion. I think it’s insane that it’s gotten to the point where the only people who will televise your fights are ESPN classic. Come on Wald even I cracked regular ESPN when I was competing.

Wald’s style consist of getting a lead and then going into the four corners offense while the clock winds down (for those of you who don’t know what the four corners offense is don’t worry some things I type will be over your head) I can not stand the way he fights and Network head honchos would rather pay for the world hotdog eating contest then watch the Heavy weight champ defend his title.

I can not call DR Wald a disgrace, not only because that would make this a paradoxical sentence but more so because he does good things for the kids of the world and his fellow countrymen. He has a sense of history and a fabulous wardrobe.

He just is not cut out to be a boxing attraction. I am not slamming him fans I am describing him. He has a very difficult style to cope with but you name me a fighter who has tested that chin or heart in his last eight or nine fights.

In this day and age of boxing if a top level fighter wins two or three fights without being touched it is usually that 3rd or 4th fight in which they take risk. Fighters like Pacman or JMM take a risk every fight. They are champions. Warriors. Knights.

Wald is a weenie. He has beaten down at least 8 men in a row with ease and he REFUSES to step up his comp. don’t give me the he has “no one to fight” excuse. F^^k that.

He needs to display a lust for combat or quit. He is hurting the sport on a mass scale right now due to the infallible importance of the current heavyweight champion to the masses going back to the Model-T. Will a new heavyweight attraction please stand up?


7.Juan Manuel Lopez               26-0   WBO Super Bantamweight champion

I have been singing this kids praise for a year and running. I told the world that this kid had the skill set and the timing to become a huge star. By timing I mean that with the inevitable fall of Miguel Cotton that a new star from boxing’s best island was needed.

He has filled the void but in an unexpected turn of events Bob Arum is upsetting the potential this kid has as a mainstream star. WHY? Well I will take this chance to say I love Bob Arum. I have met him, interviewed him, shook his hand all that. But he has been undercutting boxing as a whole recently and the following events point to why

Making the Cotto/Pac fight as fast as he could even before contracts were inked when it was clear that Sugar/Pac was the better match up AND since Sugar is the lineal champ at 147 and Hatton was at 140  why not go after Shane,

Why go after Cotto who won his title by defeating Jennings? Why not go after the man who beat the man who beat your selected opponent and the man at the weight you’re trying to conquer?

Continuing to throw the undefeated joke of a club fighter JCC’jr on Latin Fury PPV cards as oppose to putting him on boxing after dark and seeing him really get tested

Attempting to match Pavlik with Mora or Forrest (RIP) before HBO asked him what he was smoking

All Arum cares about is money. In order to ensure that is makes money he is now either keeping fights in house or matching his most marketable names against plumbers and afterschool teachers. He does this to ensure that all cash cows keep squeezing out that green.

The problem is he shortchanges US the fans. Now try understanding the problem for Juana. CC who I will get to later (however if you want to get to him now scroll down the page) came out and addressed the 500 pound elephant in the room.

“Why does this guy continue to fight these nobodies, he is disgracing his fans and lying to them at the same time” I wont go THAT far but at its root the quote is on target. Bob Arum is padding this kid’s record begging the WBO for mandatories.

Most fighters take a break from fighting stipulated opponents and take a money fight. Esp hot champs like Juanma. No instead of that Arum is content to protect his asset and ignore us all. That is fine he is playing with an awesome force of nature’s career


6. Sugar Shane Mosley  WBA/lineal Welterweight champion

If I am Sugar I am not smiling right now. I murdered the tornado, cemented my status as the best welterweight out here. And I can’t get anyone to fight me. No one of relevance. I was publicly ducked by the “best” fighter in the world.

I mean sugar gave Pacman everything he wanted. Bigger ring, punchers gloves, 140 pound limit, 60/40 split. I mean look at all those concessions. Sugar has a much longer history of success in this game yet he BOWED down and kissed Pac’s feet to get the fight.

Pac because of his prispercasity chose to fight the dwindling Cotton because of the cheap skate Bob arum AND of course because fighting Shane is too much of a risk right now. Shane has all the tools to beat  Pacman, Speed, power, grace, stamina, and determined aggressive talent.

I am not sure how his understanding of the Philly shell has evolved or even diminished. But I know this. I interviewed his trainer NR at a fight last year and the first thing I took from his personality was the focus.

The army like approach to the brutal reckoning at hand. This man will have Shane READY for anyone and that includes Pretty Boy. I am eager to see Shane fight believe me but I am not eager to see him fight Kermit Citron or Andre Berto. That is a step back.

Peace to that bulls$$t. He is in line for a marquee name and fighting on a B level HBO card is not what he nor I had in mind. But the clock ticks. He has not fought since January and it looks like if he does fight this year it will be towards Christmas. But THAT promotion is in flux because of the low ball offer that they gave dibella and berto.

With berto taking a good look at turkey you have to wonder where that leaves Shane. JC? No way is Shane trying to make money not lose it. Paul Williams? No we have to assume that Al Haymon and Bob Arum will put their personal petty vendetta aside and make the darn PAV/PW fight already. Where does that leave him?

I would say the winner of Numero Uno would be his best bet. I wish him the best until the next time I type but to be honest that wont make a difference because he will not have FOUGHT by the next time I write


5. Juan Manuel Marquez                50-4-1 Unified/Ding Lightweight world champion

Dinmita! I will admit that I like this cerebral gladiator. I watched his fight with Juan Diaz prior to typing this entry and wow what a warrior. He has timeless resolve. I really know his story. I don’t know what drives him. I don’t know where he gets his grace.

But there is something special about Juan if you have not noticed already. He has a boxing wheel house that can shift in its form and most time the shift happens before the opponent can adjust. He has blinding speed on his counter punches.

Much quicker then his appearance would suggest. He focuses on the angles and sets up his shots. He is the only man as of now that I have seen make PAC wince in the middle of a fight. His Physical mastery of the sport is only matched by his mental toughness to remain true to his fundamentals in the face of extreme drama and pain.

He could have given up in February. He had every reason to reconsider his livelihood right there in Houston. He is everything you want in boxing. He is a hall of famer, champion, icon. But no. That was not enough.

He needs Mas. I believe that he is somewhat susceptible to speed and power. That is not a good trait to have when entering the lair of one FMJ. I think it would have been a good idea to take another fight before this one. I think that this is a very bad match up for JMM.

FMJ is a bad match up for everyone but esp for JMM. In light of this I believe that JMM’s chip on his shoulder has gotten even larger and more menacing. He knows that dumb writers like me are out their doubting him, making fun of him, seeing his demise.

I think he is pissed off. I think he is confident. I think if FMJ were to ever lose a fight it would take someone with the mental constitution of JMM. We shall see Homeboys but this is shaping up to be intriguing to say the least. Can’t wait (=


4. Edwin Valero    25-0 WBC lightweight world champion

Godzilla has been quite quiet and humble in recent months. He realized that realizing reality is always a good thing when money is at stake. Bob Arum is going to put him on the undercard Nov 14 which will give him a nice little public service announcement as he makes his awesome power known to the world.

It seems like he is going to be ok to fight in light of his documented health problems which is amazing news for boxing fans. This man matches up right now with the stars of the game. His knockout ratio is more about his mindset then his physical power or extension on his punches.

He has a Jack Dempsey type aggressiveness that makes him very hard to deal with in the early rounds. When PAC attacks you he does so still not wanting to get hit. When the terminator programs you into his tracking system he is willing to take punches to land punches. He really reminds me of Hands of stone.

Not in terms of merit of course, but more in terms of ring personality and pressure applied. I believe that there are only about 5 fighters in the world around that weight that could go the full 12 rounds with the light weight world champion.

I believe that he will win this bs fight that the frugal Arum has lined up for him and I also believe that he will take a big fight because as luck would have it he is only  CO promoted by Cheap Mgee so he has veto rights from what I hear.

We will see. But I am excited for his entry into the pugilistic fold and I wait for his fistic assault on these fighters out here. Humberto Soto seems to be the person he will see in his first big money tilt. But how good is THAT guy? He has seven losses?!

What about a TB? Or even an Andre berto? This guy is a star in waiting and he needs viable names. Soto is promoted by whom?


3. Manny “Pacman”        49-3 Lineal/Ding Junior welterweight champ

The Number one HBO fighter in the world keeps the hits coming. Now he has set his sights on the dilapidated Cotto. Manny is doing it right now. He is going for the big fights but he is doing it with a certain attitude that is starting to raise questions.

His last three fights have been fought against guys that for different reasons were sitting ducks. I don’t need to go down the list but Manny seems to be interested in taking the fights that for one reason or another he SHOULD win.

Manny would not have fought Cotto 3 years ago before Cotto was having problems mentally. When Pac made the trek to MSG to observe Cotto in June he saw a fighter who was on Roller skates for the second half of the fight. He did not see a robot Pujols of a fighter that won’t stop until you are on the ground.

He did not see a pound for pound fighter. He saw a damaged goods fighter that was ripe for exposure. He SHOULD be fighting SSM. That is by far the more competive fight. Right now those monks in Vegas are putting ALL the money On Pac.

Taking a step back on paper that makes no sense. Cotto is younger, bigger, stronger, comfortable at that weight, experienced at that weight, yet men who know sports are putting all their money on PAC. This development is a reflection of the deterioration of Cotto not the rise of Pac.

Pac is going to win this fight going away. Since that is a forgone conclusion lets focus on 2010. I think that Valero, Money, Shane, Tim Bradley, are the pool of fighters he should select from.

Edwin Valero has Hagler/Hearns written all over it. PAC/Money is the transcendent fight of this decade. MP/SSM is an awesome tactical match up on paper, and I would have to say that Tim Bradley would present a legit unification although it’s a low possibility because the kid will not bring a lot of gate money or any money really to the table.

Manny has his options that’s for sure. I guess we can all sit back and savor the prime if his career. But anyone who thinks Manny is the best fighter in the world needs to chill with the mushrooms


2. FMJ   39-0

I have spoke to some people in boxing and they tell me FMJ is the best he has even looked. He is as clever, menacing, intuitive, and driven as he as ever been in his entire career.

FMJ is sitting on the cusp of Sugar ray L cereal box status. After he disposes of JMM you have to assume that he will go after Manny. If he does not the public will beat the drum and they will fight anyway. I think there are some things to consider in this situation.

First of all there is a good chance the fight will NOT happen. If you couple Floyd’s arrogance, the Haymon/ARUM feud, and of course the child like demeanor of Manny Between fights then you have a perfect storm for the fight not getting made.

The truth is Arum used to Promote FMJ and he is going to use his position at the table to stick it to AL and Pretty boy. It is a sad thing to foresee but it is inevitable. They already are going back and forth through the media on this very subject.

To me this is the biggest fight that can be made in boxing going back 15 to 20 years. If I really think about it you would have to go back to the golden era of the little men, the 80’s to find such an amazing match up with box office appeal.

The fighters want it. We want it. Make it happen. Don’t you wish boxing fans that fights were that easy? They are not so we should collectively prepare for the possibility that the fight will not happen. Since that is a possibility lets at least explore it.

Floyd could make some great fights. Shane Mosley is a tough tough fight. I would take Floyd but I would do it with a dash of trepidation. I think Paul Williams stands as FMJ’s true mountain. That is clubber lang.

That is the test. FMJ does more talking these days then before. I have heard it all.

-“I am greater then Ali”

- I am the most popular athlete in the world”

-“I am bigger then Oscar”

- “I will fight SM, MP, whoever”

Well he won’t mention Paul Williams. He will mention everything but the name of Jesus. But he won’t mention Paul Williams. You are an all time nasty fighter Money but the truth you there is more work to be done. Hurry up already so I can say I watched one of the greatest fighters ever cement his boxing throne

Fans for your entertainment….the best fighter in the world


1) Paul Williams       37-1  WBO interim Junior  Middleweight champion

Paul W. is as filthy as filthy gets. His punch count according to my count counts as one of the most remarkable for someone of that size at that weight. Paul Williams is a true vergence in the force. He simply does not make any sense.

The speed and fluidity of his punches, his 6 foot 1 frame couple with those fire hose type arms. I would suppose that since he is so young that his craft will only improve. He seems to have a hint of immaturity but I noticed on the awesome HBO series ring life that yes he is young and immature but that is tempered by his humble nature and wonderful family.

He has the talent to rule this game for awhile. He has really destroyed the myth that a tall man can not be busy and accurate.  I think the situation that Paul is currently in is not the product of his growing ego or the fact that HBO has gone cheap. REAL cheap.

Think about it. They paid an 8 million dollar license fee for Oscar/Forbes about 2 years ago. Yet they have an unreal promotion on their door step and they are only throwing 3 million!!!?Whats the f$$king deal. A PAV/PW tilt would be national news.

It could be on paper the best fight of the year. It would sell Board hall the f$$k out. It would get many PPV buys. It has all the makings. An undisputed American middleweight champ Yes I know what are you are thinking.

It does help that he is white and from a blue collar town on the rust belt. PW is am emerging boxing Giant who needs a marquee water shed moment to get the writers, broadcasters, fans and TV execs to see what has been in front of our face for a year.

Paul is by a mile the biggest physical problem in the sport. They recently asked Boring Wald if he would go two rounds with Paul. “No way! I would not be able to catch him in only 2 rounds and I KNOW he would catch me” haha that says it all.

Even the 6" 6' Ivan Drago Heavyweight champ has reservations about engaging PW. I suspect that at heart arum does not want this fight. That’s why he is giving PW such a BS offer. They are going to give him 2 million but no gate??

You have got to be kidding me. That place and the promotion are going to sell. Top rank is on the black rock if they think that it is fair to offer PW and Al haymon a flat smaller percentage fee for their services.

It is Paul’s talent and rising star that makes this promotion what it would be. Pavlik is a good humble all  American attraction. But he needs Apollo creed to elevate him. Believe me…PW is Apollo creed. He does not look like Carl Weathers but he def fights like that guys acts. What an amazing fighter. Enjoy him while we have him boxing fans


My belated  Mid year awards

Fight of the year                     Toyota Center

JMM vs. Juan Diaz                 Houston Texas, Febuary 28th   

What a fight! Ebb and flow, drama, intrigue, romance (haha just kidding just seeing if you are awake) the fight began with Juan Diaz going right to the proud veteran’s chest and testing him off jump street. I mean it was a tough three rounds for JMM in the beginning.

I watched him get pushed from pillar to post by a younger seemingly meaner man. As often does Juan Diaz ran out of gas and focus. The cut did not help either. But once JMM smelled a lapse in intensity and assertiveness he jumped RIGHT on JD.

This fight was not a lock and was def in doubt for dinimita for long periods during the bout and the drama really ramped up due to both fighters getting cut at around the same times a round apart if and I do stress If my memory serves me correct. Instant classic still saved on the dvr.


Round of the year

Round 1 Pac/Hatton       May 2nd 2009        MGM Grand

This round took my breath away. I was so pumped up reeking of anticipation. I mean between 24/7 and the rare mainstream buildup I was about as pumped up as I could be for a fight. The first round was a blur. It was material evidence on why Manny is the most exciting fighter in the world. He did not jump right on Hatton. He let Hatton hang himself and then went in for the kill. The action and the pace of the round was so furious that I barley had time to text my boys which I usually do and they do back as we analyze the fights from different locations. No this fight we all had our mouths open watching the Hitman get outclassed on the world’s stage. It was very much like JMM/PAC one, except that JMM can adjust and had a better chin. One Pac Hit the hitman with a clean direct hit the fight changed and in retrospect was over. Over and done with. I loved it. I was disappointed because I wanted a more drawn out conclusion but the first 3 min were so electrifying that I was worth it



Fighter of the year(so far)


Celestino Caballero           Unified super Bantamweight world champion


This very   intriguing fighter unified titles within his division which is so rare these days. He then defended these titles and finds himself in line for a big money fight. He is just half a year removed from zero relevance or drawing power. But with so many name fighters within his distance and the very fact that he risen so fast, that, for the Juan Manuel’s of the world or the Vazquez’s or the Marquez’s the question is starting to get asked. Well why don’t you fight Caballero? Caballero 6 months ago had no where NEAR this status. He was just another prospect that had a chance to make an impact early in his career. He did. He is tall talented and mean. He also is not quiet. As mentioned earlier in the article he has begun called out JML. That’s a great fight. If Bob Arum were not so selfish we would have a great fight on our hands and that fight would give Caballero a real chance to be fighter of the whole year not the 6 month intermission fighter of the year . I will be watching as we move forward but man what a year for this young bull from Cuba


Story of the year


Margacheato.     January 24th 2009

                            LA, Staples center



I have written far to much on this. If you don’t know the full story get the internet or turn on a TV. Instead of chronicling the story yet again I will simply pass judgment. The very fact that Shane Mosley is ok is the biggest thing here but let me point out some little things

- No one not golden boy, the CASC, or Shane Mosley himself brought civil action against tony and the LA DA has not uttered a peep and dodged all questions about issuing criminal charges, Resto and Panama Lewis Went to JAIL.

- His awful trainer came out and in the hearing admitted to all wrong doing. Now in the recent “Assault in the ring” picture you kinda get a sense for how a fighter should feel about a trainer/handler that tampers with the fight or the their respective gloves. So if captellio screwed him… if he has no idea there  was plaster in his gloves then why is he still hanging out with him? Being seen with him?

-BOB Arum still promotes him???!!!!!What the f%%k is that all about? Then cotto inks an extension after everything that happened and was said. Cotto is a sell out

-Bob arum can be heard during the introduction of "Assualt in the ring" saying " there is no excuse for what they(Luis Resto and Panama lewis) did....they should have been banned for life"  ????????? Bob Arum  is saying one thing and doing another , that is not a 360, that is not a change of opinon, what arum said on that feature and then the way he handled an eerily similar situation is bulls%%t

Just some little things (=


Just shut up award


Lennox Lewis   Commentator HBO after Dark


I can not be the only one who notices just how bad Lennox Lewis is at providing insight, carrying the broadcast, having proper diction and tone. You name it he sucks. Is HBO that materialistic that they would sell out there Journalistic integrity Just so the equally bad Bob P can say “and now we bring in former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis..” It’s as if they sacrifice our viewing experience as consumers just so they can get that blurb in. HBO has him there out of image and maybe pity. It’s sad. Bring back old George. Get Brian Kenny. Keep Max. All set



 Hahaha boxing fans. I have sent this to some of my fellow writers and they ask have submitted very detailed arguments which are making me laugh as we speak. A fair warning…don’t speak with out thinking because if you have not noticed already you are dealing with a thinker. I wish you the best boxing fans and if you intend to engage tread carefully


I recently got in an arguement with big fat dan of ESPN in his chat, here is an exerpt


I think it is sell out city that you continue to rank B-hop #1....I know you have to see him due to his ESPN duties coupled with your own but why dont you grow a pair, stop being afraid, and tell B-hop that getting ranked at all let alone #1 is only possible if you actually fight


You're an idiot. I rank BHop 1 at 175 because he deserves it now that Calzaghe has retired. I couldn't care less if we both appear on Friday Night Fights whatsoever.

   Who do you agree with? (=

For those that may challange this chat took place on Thusday August 6th


   Just wanted to clear this up

I have dropped B-Hop from my list because the old man simply does not fight

Shane Mosley is actually 4 but I guess in my creative delirium I accidentally did his entry first. No matter


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