How Dana White Lost to Fedor Emilianenko

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IAugust 4, 2009

Really now fans, is it any wonder that Fedor Eilianenko turned down Dana White's final offer to sign with the UFC?

I admit to being an old fashioned extremely opinionated and hard headed old woman, but I can easily understands the dynamics which have taken place at the bargaining table.

After at least two solid years of being openly criticized by Dana White, and taunted as being "afraid" to fight "real" competition, why would Fedor want to sign on with such a man?

Personally, I would not trust the man who negotiated and made nice with Fedor without using his favorite "F words" and usual demeaning vocabulary.

Who would trust him?

There is an old story about a serpent with scales as bright and beautiful as the rarest exquisite jewels who talked a kind hearted old woman into taking him into her cozy little cottage, and nursing him back to health over a long fierce winter.

Although the old woman grew to truly love and care about the serpent, in typical snake behavior, when the beautiful warmth of summer returned he struck out and bit her over her heart with his poisonous fangs.

As she lay dying, the old woman asked the beautiful and now powerful serpent, "Why would you repay my kindness to you by striking me in my very heart with your fangs? I truly had grown to love and trust in you."

The serpent's answer was simply this, "You knew I was a snake when you took me into your home."

Well, gosh people, give Fedor some credit for knowing the nature of the beast he was dealing with.

Warm and polite, Dana is not.

He is the head of the beautiful, tantalizing serpent know as the UFC, as it's head, Dana is very dangerous to deal with under any circumstances.

He will have you sign away your name and rights to use your very own image if you "let him into your circle of trust."

Fedor knows a snake in the grass when he sees one, whether such snakes exist in Russia or not.

Fedor is no dummy, in spite of what Dana would have MMA fans believe.

As soon as Dana's negotiations failed "Fedor is not worth shit," was the first sentiment Dana expressed.


Fedor, M-1 and Grandma Dee weren't.

If only this had been something I could have bet the house on, I would be rich!

Oh, ye with little faith, in Fedor should now admit that he recognized exactly how far to trust Dana's pretty promises.

Even in a Tiffany gift box and wrapping, a turd is still a turd, no matter how you try to fancy it up. It still stinks.

Bravo, Fedor, Bravo and very well done.

You sure rubbed Dana's nose in it.

Way to go my man!