Think You Know Your Saints? Take a Little Quiz To Find Out How Well!

Italyun StallyunContributor IAugust 4, 2009

METAIRIE, LA - MAY 08:  Malcom Jenkins #27 left and Chip Vaugh #37 of the New Orleans Saints works out during the Rookie Minicamp at the New Orleans Saints Training Facility on May 8, 2009 in Metairie, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Usually at the begining of every football year we have to knock off a little dust and re-identify with our team, as fans. Some of the players may have moved from their old position to possibly try out for a new one... or they may be new free agents we picked up from trades, etc ...whatever! 

In any event, we are generally challenged to remember the names and positions of players from last year (that stayed) and we are burdened with the task to acquaint ourselves with a "new & improved" roster, again, because each year it invariably changes (Sometimes, even for the better!) But, a lot of our die-hard Saints fans only chase down some of the important information...

See how you score on this little 10 question quiz about the normally overlooked obscurities on our roster, especially this year... BTW-You should take it as soon as possible-(the pre-season roster has a tendency to change quicker than the New Orleans weather, so the info on the quiz might be obsolete by tomorrow!)

1)  Which two players on the 2009 roster have, not only, the same 1st names (and same spelling) but they play the same position. (Bonus- What are their jersey numbers?)  

2) What is the jersey number of the player with the same 1st name (as above) but spelled differently? (Bonus- What is his position?)

3) Of all the letters of the alphabet, 6 are not used in the 1st names of this year's player roster...   Can you name these 6 letters?

4) What is the jersey number for the player on this year's roster who has the shortest last name?

5) What are the names and jersey numbers of the two players on this year's roster who have not only the same last name but also play the same position?

6) Five players on this year's roster have the same letter for their 1st and their last name, as initials... what are those initials and their positions on the team? (Hint- 3 are defensive players and two are offensive players) Bonus- What are their jersey numbers?

7) Of all the letters of the alphabet, 5 are not used in the last names of this year's player roster...   Can you name these 5 letters?  

8) The players who have jersey numbers 68, 81, 52, 23, 50 & 29  have one unusual thing in common about their names...what is it?

9) Three players names this year are colors...can you name them and their numbers?

10) Of all the first names on this year's roster, the same initial of the players first names occurs 13 times... Can you tell me the letter? ...Bonus- second place letter was the letter "D" ... So, what are those first names?

The answers shown below:



1) Jonathon Vilma LB #51 & Jonathon Cassillas LB#62

2) Jonathan Goodwin #76 (Center)

3) Q, X, Y, V, I, and F

4) #20 (Randall Gay-CB)

5) Michael Brown #65 & Jammal Brown #70- (Both are Tackles)

6) MM (Marvin Mitchell) LB-#50; SS (Scott Shanle) LB-#58; PP (Pierson Prioleau) S-#31; AA (Adrian Arrington) WR-#87; and DD (Darnell Dinkins) TE-#80

7) I, Q, U, X, and Z

8) Their name contains two common first names -[ In order: Anthony Davis, Matt Simon, Jason Kyle, Pierre Thomas, Marvin Mitchell and Jason David]  

9) Skyler Green (WR) # 10, Michael Brown (T) #65 & Jammal Brown (T) #76

10) The letter "J" is used for 13 first names;  ...and the letter "D" used in 9 first names- They are: Dan (Campbell TE # 89) Danny (Gorrer CB #38) Darnel (Dinkins TE #80) DeMario (Pressley DT #90) Devery (Henderson WR # 19) Digger (Bujnoch Center# 61) D'Juan (Woods WR #84) & of course, Drew (Brees QB #9)

How did you make out? (Did you run out and grab a cheat sheet? ... I did!)

Now you might know a little more about the team than you did before... so it must be about time to go ahead and change it! AT ANY RATE, just for fun!.........


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