GBN: Raptors Still Interested In Kleiza

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GBN: Raptors Still Interested In Kleiza

Well, I've kind of gone with a different format in recent GBN's and not stuck with the original "Breaking Down The Good, The Bad, And The Needed" and the second one "The Good, The Not So Bad, and The Getting(?)".

I'm going retro with this one and going back to the original format. Let's start by breaking down

The Good

So, rumour has it that if Denver we're to rescind their qualifying offer to PF/SF Linas Kleiza. That the Raptors will attempt to pursue him. Now, there is 2 things that would have to happen before the Raptors could even make an offer to Kleiza.

A: The Denver Nuggets would have to rescind their qualifying offer to Linas. The only reason they would do this would be that they want to remain from paying the luxury tax.

B: The Toronto Raptors would have to dump salary by waiving a player(s) or most likely trading away (a) player(s) for just draft pick(s) or cash considerations.

Now, Kleiza would only improve this team and make it's future look even brighter as he's only 25. The Raptors would also get more depth at their wing spot and power forward spot. His Defence would be welcomed as well.

If the raptors traded away players for nothing in return. It would be easier for guys on the roster to get more minutes. Dare I say it, they would even possibly have a roster spot open for Pops "THE LEGEND" Mensah-Bonsu, OMG!

The Bad 

In making room to acquire Kleiza the Raptors would lose depth. But, with all the guys falling through the cracks and the minimum salary guys out there. The depth could be brought back and we'd have the chance to add more experienced players to the roster.

He could possibly just clog the SG and PG positions even more.

The Needed 

We could really use his defence, bulkiness, and toughness. He would be a good fit and we could use him as added depth on the wing. But, I think he would be put to better use as our 3rd string PF.

I think we need him at PF more than SF.

The Not Needed

We may not even need Kleiza nor PMB because our depth at SF is pretty deep when you think about it. I mean Wright will/should be used as back up SF, I don't think we realize how good this guy actually will be.

Demar Derozan will/should be used as a back up SF, as well as Bellinelli. That makes our depth at SF 4 players deep.

Kleiza should/can be and if acquired will be used as the 3rd string PF. But, when you think about it Bargs can play PF and may be used as the 3rd string sometimes.

The two questions that go around in my head are; Do we really need Kleiza? Will Kleiza be willing to play the garbage minutes?

Although, Linas Kleiza may sometimes be used over Reggie Evans as Evans is not very good offensively. But, how hard can it be to put the ball in the net when you're two feet away in the key?  

Next GBN is by Brandon Marsdin along with... Micheal Malcolm.

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