Kahn Impresses This Skeptic

Leslie MonteiroSenior Analyst IAugust 3, 2009

The Timberwolves tried to hire either Dennis Lindsey or Tom Penn to run the team's basketball operations, but both of them declined the offer.

Lindsey did not like the idea of retaining Kevin McHale as coach, so he decided to stay with the Spurs, and Penn apparently used the Timberwolves to get a raise by the Trail Blazers.

Understandably, Wolves fans were irate at what was going on to the point they sent emails to the organization about what they thought of this arrangement of bringing McHale back as coach.

With David Kahn looking to run a basketball operation and Glen Taylor desperately trying to find someone that wanted the job, a match was made and Kahn was hired.

When Kahn was hired, this skeptic had his doubts on this hire. After all, Kahn has been out of the loop in the NBA for the last several years as he has been working in the NBDL.

Plus, if he was that good, how come not one NBA team hired him to run their basketball operations over the years when he was available?

It took awhile for this basketball fan to like Kahn. He needed to make a bold move to impress this critic, and firing McHale does not count since that move was so easy that anyone could have done that.

Kahn's bold move came before draft night when he traded a couple fringe players for a top draft pick. Now that's the type of move that can win people over and excite the fans.

Mike Miller and Randy Foye were never going to do much for the Timberwolves, so they were better off going elsewhere. Kahn's ability to somehow parlay that into a top draft pick is amazing when one would think he would get a decent player at best for those two.

On draft night, Kahn stockpiled many point guards as possible for his draft selections, and that was a great move since the Wolves can actually use a point guard who can run an offense, which has not been the case since Sam Cassell left after a contract dispute.

Drafting Johnny Flynn and Wayne Ellington was good, but drafting Ricky Rubio was even better, since it was another dynamic move Kahn needed to make to remake that franchise.

Whether Rubio plays for the Wolves remains to be seen, but even then it was a good move because if Rubio plays well in overseas and if he and the Timberwolves can't agree with the buyout, at least Kahn can parlay that pick and get value in return.

What does Kahn have to lose in drafting Rubio? He has two draft picks to work with, and he can take his time with Rubio since Flynn and Ellington are good enough to contribute right now.

Fans have certainly been intrigued about what Rubio is going to do when looking at  the threads and replies about him on Wolves message boards such as MNSportsFans.com and KFAN Rube Chat.

This move has been generating buzz with the fanbase

Kahn hasn't stopped after the draft. He has been dumping McHale's rejects one-by-one, and that's a good thing since they have contributed next to nothing in recent years. Why keep them around?

Even if Kahn did not get anything great in return, at least we won't see those players again.

It's hard to really judge Kahn right now since it will take years until we find out.

With that said, Kahn at least has given the fans something to believe with by at least working hard at his job and trying to change things with how the organization is run.

No one could have said the same thing for his predecessor.