Is ESPN Biased Against The Braves And Other Teams?

James HensonContributor IAugust 3, 2009

 ESPN is biased against the Atlanta Braves , even if  they  win, the game wrap still contains only highlights of the other team.  Unless your team is from LA, NY, or Boston ,you can bet any amount of money that your team , especially the Braves or Diamondbacks , that if every starting player in the lineup hit homeruns and the pitcher threw a perfect game , ESPN would show highlights of the other team.



 Don't believe me pull-up Fox Sports and ESPN web page and checkout the Braves team analusis, you will see what i mean or yahoo or any other sports outlet ESPN just plain out hates Atlanta teams not just the Braves the Hawks , The Falcons , The Thrashers , if they are playing good , they dig up something bad , and if they are playing bad they dog the crap out of them.

 ESPN is biased in favor of what most people want to read , which is  they want to read about big markets, good players, and winning teams, but  ESPN is supposed to be the "Total Sports Network " and as so they have an obligation to be fair and report as fair for all teams in all sports the praises they have for their favorites can wait till the playoffs , if they want to play East Coast , West Coast favorites why not have ESPN 2 as the East coast team broadcasting and ESPN as the West Coast broadcast.

 Furthermore they could go as far as FOX  and have regional sports packages in your teams area so we would at least feel like they where not biase towards other teams , like the Braves.I think real news has a journalistic responsibility and that includes ESPN .Maybe if they would consider changing their way of thinking we wouldn't have to watch recycled articles over and over about the same teams.

 I think the biggest problem is that they have too many writers who don't know much about the majority of the league. I hate watching highlights of games the Yankees , Dodgers or Redsox  play in. You don't even know who the other team is until they flash the final score.ESPN is just one gigantic propaganda network.If you pay attention to ESPN game recaps and highlights, you can see that they purposely paint things a certain way how they want it to look. It's so obvious. The absolute worst is the plays of the night.It is an historical fact that the owners of ESPN are world known criminals, racists, fascists, and propagandists. 

 ESPN has placed itself in this positive feedback loop where they report only on a few players and teams and ignore the rest, and then claim that there isn't enough audience to make it worth reporting on the rest of the league. But it turns out that they don't get enough audience for those teams because they don't report enough .All it takes is someone who understands that if they just open themselves up to reporting on everyone, they'll broaden their audience. They may not get the audience right away, b/c they've pushed the potential market away, but in time it'll come, and then they'll open up more readership in more markets, and still get the interest in the Big market teams and popular players as well as the smaller market teams .

 ClearlyEPSN is Biased. They have to be in order to sell. Fans outside of the U.S.  know nothing about MLB, expect the Yankees, The Dodgers,  and  lately theRedsox. If you put a Tampa Bay Rays or Kansas City Royals or even an Atlanta Braves  jersey for sale in an Australian store for example, it would likely sit there until it was put on the $2 rack and picked up by some soccer mom, for a late birthday present . Think about it why else do you think the NFL ,MLB , AND NBA have their own networks it's because they know they have to get the coverage out their for their small market teams or they will fail.I truly believe that ESPN as we know it has to change or it will fail soon , with the competition of the League Networks , it's a matter of time.