Will the Real Fedor Emelianenko Please Stand Up? Not You Finklestein!

Ben HebertContributor IAugust 3, 2009

Let me first start off this article by saying that I am not a "TUF n00b" and I consider myself to be a well rounded and educated fight fan. So before anyone decides to flame away because they're choking on Fedor's titanium alloy peanuts, please read what I have to say with some consideration of course. 

In case you're unable to catch the headline news or do not read "cagepotato" as I have been informed is very necessary, Fedor Emelianenko the world's undisputed top heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter has signed with the lesser promotion Strikeforce instead of the Supersize Big Mac with Fries, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

To make a comparison of this would be like saying Michael Vick (er... wait he's a washed up former dogfighting ring financer ex-con) okay not Michael Vick, but a premium athlete at the top of their game like Adrian Peterson signing with the Philadelphia Soul (arena football team) instead of the Minnesota Vikings.

Now this post is not meant to insult the Strikeforce promotion, I think that Scott Coker is a good man and a smart one too because his little California Promotion has slowly grown and developed over the past couple of years while making money. Imagine that you can have a fight promotion and actually make a profit while slowly building a brand. Yes, that last part was a jab to you Tom Atencio and all of you knuckleheads making those guido t-shirts.

Okay but now onto the guts of this article and that is what does this do for Fedor Emelianenko's status as the number one heavyweight in the world? I think that it absolutely destroys it. I look at the Strikeforce heavyweight division and it's even thinner than my wallet in the recession with no job. They've got talent in the upcoming Brett Rogers and such but are they even floating on the stratosphere of the top 10 heavyweight list?

Fedor needed to be a part of these negotiations himself if he was worried about his legacy at all as being the greatest fighter of all time. Allowing himself to be in the UFC would make his exposure levels go up like a teenager on viagra, but instead he decided to let Mclovin' aka Finklestein take care of the negotiations of his fake M1-Global Promotion Company.

Best case scenario the UFC buys out Strikeforce, CBS, Showtime, and then Mclovin' gets lost down a rabbit hole looking for the money he could have made in the UFC. Worst case Fedor loses to an unknown Brett Rogers or an Allistair Overeem or a UFC drop-out like Werdum. Then all of the wrestling fans of the world will probably explode from all of the Mountain Dew and Skittles they've ingested getting pumped up for Brock Lesnar getting on top of his wife. I'm done.