Stephon Marbury is Not Going Crazy, Just Having Some Fun

Jimmy SchneiderContributor IAugust 3, 2009

I cannot look at another idiotic report from members of the media claiming Stephon Marbury is having a "meltdown". I'm sure all those people who believe he is loosing his mind must be going strictly by youtube videos that doesn't really tell the whole story.

That and a lot of people in the media loves to bash Marbury any chance they get.

Especially those in New York. If you actually logged onto his 24 hour live streaming video of him on you would see a whole different story that has yet to be mentioned in the press.

As most athletes dont give their fans the time of day, Stephon has given his 24 hours a day. During those 24 hours, he interacts with his fans, answers as many questions as he can, gives advice to those who are going through rough times he has also expierenced, gives shout outs, introduces fans to his friends and family, lets everyone know whats going on with him and Starbury sneakers, and of course lives his normal life.

Like listening to music, dancing, laughing, crying, playing pranks on his brothers, every day life that everyone has done before. You tell me one person who has never cried and I'll tell you one person who is full of crap.

His "breakdown" was nothing to be alarmed of, he's just not going to go to the other room to cry instead chosing to let it out in front of everyone who is watching. Might not be something that I would do, but everyone is their own person and if he's not ashamed to cry in front of his fans then thats fine.

Yes, his Vaseline eating incident caught many off guard, but its an old remedy to help a sore throat. You mean to tell me that people who smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day isn't crazy but someone who uses an old but effective remedy to cure a sore throat is?

What if I was to take all of Shaq's wild interviews and stunts he pulls and puts it all on youtube saying Shaq is losing his mind getting in a WWE ring with the Big Show, or breakdancing at the all-star game dressed as Phantom of the Opra? Would that classify HIM as "crazy"? No. It wouldn't. Its just Shaq being Shaq as this is Stephon being Stephon.

As far as his image of having a "bad attitude" and being "selfish", traits that was mainly given to him by the ever so crooked New York Knicks management and media, he has shown the last thing he is is selfish or having a bad attitude. One member of the chat room told him about how he has also recently lost a parent, and what did Mr. Selfish do?

He flew him in from Oklahoma to spend the weekend hanging out with him at his LA house with the Marbury family, and gave him a parting gift. His own Starbury store in Oklahoma. What a "me first" type guy he is, huh?

So for all of you that was fooled into thinking he is on the verge of a mental breakdown, maybe you should look further into it, as in tuning in live on and find out for yourself and don't worry, you won't be alone. He normally has 350-700 people in the chat who have really been having fun, and alot who have been inspired by him reaching out to his fans like this and making everyone feel welcome. So in closing, do not believe everything you read or hear without looking at it from ALL angles. Not just the media's. THEY are the ones afterall who are "attention starved" as they to like to put it.