New York Giants: Did You Know?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2009

Professional football players are nothing more than people. All right, nothing more than incredibly over-sized (and rich) people. That being said, here are some things most people do not know about the Giants players.


Domenik Hixon

Domenik Hixon was born in Born in Neukirchen, Germany, of all places, and claims he can still speak German.

While in college, Hixon played alongside with underachieving NFL QB Charlie Frye in Akron. While in high school, in the lovely town of Columbus, Ohio, Hixon had Colts defensive back Keiwan Ratliff as a teammate.

Looks like the NFL is full of old acquaintances, if you are a German football player.


Sinorice Moss

Apart from the fact that he is Santana Moss’ kid brother (everyone knows that), it is also worth to mention that Sinorice’s nickname is “Nory”. Cute, isn’t it?


Jeff Feagles

You have got to love Jeff Feagles, the best punter in NFL history.

What most people don’t know about him is the fact that he is a highlander, and the only way for anyone to make him stop playing is to cut his head off.

Feagles is so old that his older son, C.J. Feagles is a already a punter at the University of North Carolina. Let’s hope he is as good as daddy.

Through the end of the 2008 NFL season, Feagles holds the following NFL records:
• Most consecutive games played;
• Most punts;
• Most punts inside the 20;
• Most punting yards.

He and former teammate John Carney are the last remaining NFL players from the 1980s. Yeah, that’s right!


Steve Smith

Steve Smith was born in Alaska! He must feel nothing but a warm breeze in the snowy winds of the Meadowlands.

In his varsity career, he caught 271 passes for 4,545 yards (16.8 yard avg.), which are both all-time California state records. Looks like kid Steve Smith was an animal!


Osi Umeniyora

Osi is a real journeyman. He spent the first seven years of his life in London, living with his family in Nigeria from the ages of seven to 14. He then finally made it to the United States. In 2007, Umenyiora was made a chief in the Nigerian village of Okbunike when he visited there.

His full first name means, in Igbo, "from today things will be good”. And it has been just that since he has got to New York.


Andre Woodson

Before the 2007 College Senior Bowl, Woodson was a highly stocked draftee in his senior year, but in this game the NFL scouts started to notice a “glitch” in his throwing motion. Imagine what Woodson would do with time machine, anyone?

Woodson, together with QB David Carr, is a Kinesiology major. Whatever that is…

On September 22, 2007, Woodson broke Trent Dilfer's all-time NCAA record of 271 consecutive pass attempts without an interception. Can you believe that that record belonged to Dilfer, of all people?!


Antonio Pierce

Hobbies are working with cars and breeding pit bulls. Suits the stereotype of an NFL middle linebacker, doesn’t it?

Lawrence Tynes

First Scottish player to win the SB (yes, he is from Scotland).

Before every collegiate home game he washed his car by hand, a tradition he started as a freshman. (I love this one!)

Tynes graduated from Troy State with a degree in criminal justice….Born May 3, 1978. I guess old Plaxico Burress could use his help right now.


Shaun O'Hara

Participated in football, basketball, and track while in high school. Really, can you imagine O’Hara actually running on a track team? I know I can’t.


Dave Tollefson

Tollefson majored in corporate recreation. That must be a cool job, right?

As an enthusiastic fisherman, he owns a bass boat along with three friends.


Eli Manning

I saved this for the last, because it’s my personal favorite.

As a kid Eli, big brothers Peyton and Cooper, and all the kids in their neighborhood used to play a game called “Amazing Catches”.

This game consisted of kids forming a line, who would then catch passes on a seam route thrown by no other than daddy Archie Manning.

The main thing, though, was that Archie would always throw the ball just out of the kids’ reach, so they’d have to make a diving catch. I guess a Manning childhood is pretty awesome!


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