2009: The Make Or Break Year For The Minnesota Vikings

Vikes2championshipContributor IAugust 3, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 14:  Antoine Winfield #26 of the Minnesota Vikings kneels on one knee during a break in NFL game action against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 14, 2008 in Glendale, Arizona. The Vikings defeated the Cardinals 35-14. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

With summer coming to an end many people start to get the moans and groans, while others are sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the football season to start.  

This week, training camp opened around the NFL and in Minnesota, most Viking fans are still wondering is this the year or is it another year of let downs.  How many years will we as Viking fans be wondering if this is the year or not.  With the first preseason game two weeks away lots of questions still surround the atmosphere in Minnesota.  

First, the biggest question: Who will be leading the charge as quarterback on opening day in Cleveland?

Finally with the Brett Favre drama over the Vikings can get down to business with the current quarterback situation with either the returning Tarvaris Jackson and the newly acquired Sage Rosenfels.  

Jackson, last year, was thought of as Minnesota fans as nothing but positive and was thought to be the answer.  As week two ended it was very clear that he was not the answer and he was in fact benched to the returning veteran Gus Ferotte.  Returning later in the season he led the Vikings to there first ever NFC North title only to fold up in the play offs against the Eagles.

Sage Rosenfels was added near the start of the off season and many fans still question if he is the answer as well.  As he really hasn't had outstanding stats over the years he has played but has he really been given a chance to prove himself? Will he get the shot this year?

All these questions are yet to be answered.

The second point of concern is the whether or not Pat and Kevin Williams will be suspended for the first four games.  With more sports organizations stepping into the mix and siding with the NFL on suspending the Williams Wall it looks as if Viking fans should prepare for the worst and plan on them being suspended.  

First off, if they do get suspended it is better for it to happen earlier rather then later. The beginning of the Vikes schedule is the easiest minus a week four home game against Green Bay.  If they don't get suspended well then we got no worries but if they do then just be thankful we have the schedule right away that we have.  

The next point that we have is the roster changes on the offensive line and to the safety position.  

With Matt Birk leaving and going to Baltimore and with a pathetic performance last year from Ryan Cook, one might think our offensive line is in danger this next year.  Well I got news for you—John Sullivan is more then average and Phil Loadholt is a few inches and pounds shy of Goliath.  

Again the Vikings happen to be very lucky to be gifted with the most explosive running back in the NFL.  

It has been shown that as long as Peterson can just get through the line then he can be a huge threat for defenses everywhere around the league.  In other words, all the offensive line needs to do is make enough room for Peterson to get into the secondary. A good passing game will help this a lot as well and open up so much more for the run game and as well as the Wildcat offense that will be added this year.

We as Viking fans are becoming so desperate for a Super Bowl that some even considered cheering for a man who we hated for years and a man who is way past his prime to lead the Vikings this season.  

Now don't get me wrong that I hate Favre because I don't—I have a ton of respect towards him and probably would have opposed it at first but respected the decision of the Vikings staff and learned to cheer for him.  

I know it is hard but Viking fans one of these years has to be our year.  Don't give up cause you never know what can happen in a game of football.