Real Deals of The Summer

Michael BuckleyContributor INovember 17, 2016

With the summer transfer window coming to a close, and the market saturated from Real Madrid's gregarious spending, it would seem that the time for those fringe teams to acquire new talent is rapidly closing—if not already closed.

Real Madrid have brought in a slew of talent in Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema, Albiol, and Arbeloa. The players that once filled those spots in the past, in particular in last year's shambles, are being slowly and methodically worked to the sidelines.

Two attacking forwards who can also play midfielders (Kaka and Ronaldo), and one outright attacker—in Benzema—has seen the once powerful Dutch contingent, attracted in the wake of Galacticos 1.0 (and the ensuing collapse of Madrid in the years to follow), being slowly, but surely benched for the franchise players whose single contracts are worth more than many of the Dutch players contracts combined.

Sneijder and Robben happen to be two particular cases where their futures are left to a shaken 8-ball.

The first case is Sneijder. Reports abound that he has already agreed to a deal with Serie A despots Inter. He is a player that is amazing in the box, and dictates play between the half and attacking third.

He could have been purchased on the cheap by a teams more in need of his talents; the growing EPL tragedy that is Arsenal comes to mind. If I were to speculate, he could have been played between Fabregas and the striker. Two of either van Persie/Arshavin, or some other combination thereof.

With the money acquired from the Adebayor and Toure deals, they could have landed a fantastic forward to accentuate their attack (I realize the sieves Gooners want filled are in defensive midfield and central defense). Sneijder would have been a much needed new face in a Wenger side that has been spluttering in the past four years.

However, Arsenal, and the many other teams that could have benefited from such depth, have missed out. The rumor circulating about the mill is that Sneijder plans on signing with Inter, and the deal is all but done.

Despite this, there is a collection of talent left at Real Madrid that might not get the playing time that they want.

Arjen Robben, or "Glass-man" as deemed by the Spanish press due to his fragility as of late, is another particularly promising case. His ability in the attacking third had kept Madrid afloat in the previous La Liga seasons, going so far to be a main cog in the '07-'08 winning season.

His position is up for grabs with Kaka's purchase, and given his fervor on the pitch, one can only assume that he does not wish to take a backseat to anybody. He, too, would be a fantastic pickup for many different clubs (and since I'm biased toward Arsenal in this article, he, too, can help out in London).

Before the window closes, there are many other players that could very well be on the chopping block for Real Madrid.

One has to assume that Perez's intention is to bring an added depth to his team, allowing them to compete in multiple competitions at once. Yet, with the amount of talent present in the squad, there is absolutely no way egos are going to remain unbruised. The aging van Nistelrooy, the talents of van der Vaart, perhaps even Pepe, Ramos, Drenthe, and Raul (yes, the skipper, too) can very well be on the out.

Perez fancies himself quite the business man, and if any team produces the "price is right" buyout clause, any number of Madrid's squad could very well be falling by the wayside in the denouement of this transfer window.

If nothing else takes place in the summer, be prepared to hear about some jilted players looking for a transfer by winter because their playing time has been severely cut.