Next year is here?

Chris ConradCorrespondent IMay 13, 2008

The Chicago Cubs have something special, besides the fact that they haven’t worn a ring since 1908.  The Cubs have a special tradition and work ethic that the city of Chicago loves to see.

A few years back, The Chicago Bulls had a motto by the phrase of “Through Thick and Thin.”  Well I think that’s the wrong motto given to the wrong Chicago team.

"Through thick and thin."  It describes 100 years of victories, defeat, heartwarming wins, and heart-breaking losses. Just imagine, 100 years without happiness.  Always knowing that in the end, your feelings were going to be crushed.

It’s not a good feeling, but if you ask any Cub fan, they love the Cubs. They love how everyday you walk into beautiful Wrigley Field.

At Wrigley, it’s a guarantee you will get three things: The beautiful ivy, a classic Chicago hot dog, and a baseball team giving 100% to defend their city and bring back tradition to the city of Chicago.

Enough with the feelings of a Cub fan. How 'bout the Cubs fans back in 1908. Going into the 1908 season, No one  in their right mind would ever imagine that this would be their last glimpse of happiness before hitting a 100 year drought.

You didn’t have the Sammy Sosa, Derrick Lee, Mark Grace, or Ernie Banks. But instead you had Joe Tinker, who slapped in a team high 68 RBI’s, and team high 146 base hits.

You had the Lefty Johnny Evers who led the team with a .300 batting average, and was known as Mr. Speedy while grabbing 36 stolen bases.

The pitchers of the day were your 29-9 Ed Reulback, and Mordecai brown who held a record of 24-7. Mr. Orvall Overall led the team with 167 strikeouts. But the 24 game winner Mordecai Brown led the team with a 1.47 era.

As we all know, This 1908 Chicago cubs team went on and won the World Series and maintained a 98-56 record. Just imagine if the 1909-2008 Chicago Cubs produced these kind of numbers. A lot of broken hearts would have been sewed up and ready to win.

Fast forward 100 years and you have the 23-15 first place Chicago Cubs are playing good baseball. The addition of Koske Fukudome has brought energy and excitement to the ball field and the team's chemistry seems to be clicking thanks to Big Lou Pinella.

But all Cubs Fans want to know is, will the wins pile up and will the chemistry click in October? We hope so.  Certainly we don’t want to jinx our beloved Cubbies, but the time is now and Cubs fans could not be more excited for this year to roll in.

So as the summer rolls in, hopefully the wins do to.  Go CUBS Go.