The WWE Has Lost My Interest

Rory KingContributor IAugust 2, 2009

370782 08: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Steve Austin Poses June 12, 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)

What happened to the good days of proffesional wrestling?

The WWE isn't even a sport, it's more like a male soap opera. I used to spend hours upon hours in this fantasy world, trying to be like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, X-Pac, and Shawn Micheals. Now, I can't even bare to watch 10 minutes of any of WWE's programming.

Maybe it's cause im older, or maybe its because the greats have left the building.

I watched as many pay-per-views as I could just to see the spectacle that Stone Cold created. Now, in my opinion, the only time I can even bare to watch is when John Cena or the Undertaker are on. All the good stars are gone, the acting has become horrible, and the announcers lose my interest in the first five minutes.

Ever since Vince McMahon bought out WCW and ECW, he has been forced to split the talent on the WWE's roster. That has brought about problems with them getting in some excellent storylines like he used to. The Rock and Sock connection, the Nation of Domination, and the original DX used to create some pretty compelling storylines.

Having Triple H, The Undertaker, Kane, The Big Show, and the Hardy Boys still around is probably the only thing that is keeping the old fan-base around. A lot of people that I talk to that watched WWE when it was WWF have admittedly expressed their loss of interest in these programs. Its just not the same anymore, the shows are becoming more and more idiotic by day, they are trying to ride the old tide to long and are in need for some serious talent to keep the WWF lovers still around.

They lost the Rock, and they lost Stone Cold. These guys are probably the greatest thing to happen to the WWE, and they're gone now. If they dont find someone to fill those shoes, the WWE is riding a train to NowhereVille U.S.A.

Where's the excitement, wheres the attraction? They have lost it, and they have lost me as a loyal viewer for now.