Detroit Lions Go 16 – 0 and Win the Super Bowl! (UPDATE)

Luke ggergContributor IAugust 2, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  Detroit Lions fans wait for admission to Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo

Hello and welcome to my article.  I hope you enjoy it as I will announce to you every game and after game review the Detroit Lions have this season….

Game 1. DET At NO: The game is going good for NO they have a 6 point lead with 34 seconds left in the 4th Quarter with the ball. Reggie Bush gets the hand off and thinks the game is over so he drops the ball and smokes a celebratory cigar. Larry Foote sees Reggie’s cigar grabs it picks up the ball and walks in the end zone for some might say was quite a sight.

Game 2.  DET Vs MIN: Adrian Peterson scored his first TD on the first rushing play of the game. But while doing his Touch Down dance he gave the finger to the Detroit fans and sprained his hand. After that the pain forced him to sit out for the rest of the game. Now while he was gone Detroit scored 40 points and won the game by a land slide.  After the game Roger Goodell made this warning to all NFL football players- "BE CAREFUL GIVEING THE FINGER TO THE CROWD, YOU MAY SPRAIN YOUR HAND."

          Game 3. DET Vs WAS: Today Jason Campbell was the starter for the redskins and he did much better than any NFL analysts predicted. He had 2 TDs! And only 7 interceptions! But sadly all of his hard work would go to waste as Detroit still managed to win by 34 points. Later that day Matthew Stafford would say that this game was one of the closet games he had ever seen or played in. He also said that at any minute Detroit could have lost the game.

          Game 4. DET At CHI : Brian Urlacher was on Mark for the entire day. Him and the Bears Defense only allowed the lions to score 14 points on offense. But Jay cutler showed everyone how big of a bust he really was and got sacked. I know Getting sacked once in a game might not seem like a big deal but after it he got the hiccups and his mother forced him to stand on his head for the rest of the game. While he was gone his back up Idontknowhisname threw the game winning interception for Detroit that was returned for a touchdown by Detroit’s CB Idontknowhisnameeither....


Game 5. DET Vs PIT: It was a horrible day for Detroit as they scored a season low 2 points! Fortunately everyone on the Steelers defense died and..... (Wakes up) 

      "What the hell? It was only a dream? (Talking to self)  oh well it wasn't the craziest thing I've ever dreamt of! (Still talking to self) I remember when I thought the Cardinals would win the Super Bowl! Now back then I was crazy! I also remember when I thought...."

        "Sir are you okay? you passed out from over an does of Crystal Meth."

        "I’m fine. But how much trouble am I in?"

        "That’s for the judge to say but after all hearing that strange story you told they might throw you in a mental institution!"