Schumacher Come Back...Good, Bad or Ecstatic?

Igbo TifosiContributor IAugust 2, 2009

TOKYO - OCTOBER 8:  Michael Schumacher of Germany and Ferrari poses on Stage with a local child during an appearance at the Showa Shell headquarters on October 8, 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images).

Am I missing something here?

For those of us that have forgotten, Schumacher is a racer, F1 driver, seven F1 championships, 250 GP race starts, total points 1369. Nobody alive comes close to this according to my research and nobody worked harder than this man on or off the track.

Hard at on-track performance and public image to create and maintain a fared persona that worked for him against his opponents. He introduced and set driver standards, provoked extreme emotional reaction both positive and negative from drivers and public alike.

F1 on the other hand is the fastest, a contest of the quickest, most reliable, most advanced team and machinery to race a set of circuits in a season with the help of sponsors and fans, and locked in a balance of off-track drama producing a tense cocktail of this almighty intoxicating love-hate atmosphere which fuels its own economy. Suffice to say I love this here sport regardless of what’s happening to it.

Almost immediately after this man put his hands up for the job of sitting in for injured Massa there has been a flood of comments on this move which isn’t odd for this day and time (timing is of little importance).

What gets up my nose is the subtle condescending coverage we get from certain British media organisations who over the years preferred to demonize him possibly because of some residual Anglo German hate-fest which I think we’ll all agree is some WWII backlash.

I am however only interested in whatever will add more and more drama and excitement to the sport and that’s what I think Michael will bring. Let’s just for a moment and visualize this plot that we will be potentially faced with hopefully in a few weeks time in Valencia.

  1. To start with we have the current world champion sitting in a massively improved McLaren MP4-24, primed and seething with an almost out of control enthusiasm to take on the living legend for the 1st time.
  2. Move along the pits to the next garage and we find the greatly talented two-time champion Alonso in an also improved Brawn Gp chaser R29, the true successor to the legend that is Schumacher, and is the winner from their last two championship battles. Starving for a go at the win which we all would agree was almost his last time round (please stewards wave Renault race ban).
  3. Sitting oddly enough ahead of this illustrious lot is the car that set the pace this season while McLaren and Ferrari out gunned each other with cold war aggression and espionage from last season and the winter testing. A legal Honda budgeted McLaren badged Brawn, in it is the star of the year the one, the only “golden boy” Jenson, owner of some sort of gentleman-like controlled set of skills only to be frustrated by a very bad string of ridiculously under engineered cars for one drivers career alone but has now finally escaped this fate.
  4. We stop at the Red Bull stable where you’ll find a young champion in the waiting Sebastian and his equally capable virgin grand prix winning, Aussie strongman, teammate and nice man Webber taming their bulls. As you can see we are uniquely unable to predict the next winner or indeed the car best fit for Valencia, this I think is ecstasy.

These men weren’t about to welcome Michael with open arms legend or not and not because they have no respect for seniors but because they have their sites on the same finish line. So pardon me if I don’t see the downside to the return of the mighty rain-master in fact it is invaluable to the sport as we know it, owing to the fact non Brawn GP fans are suffering from RSI already.

There can only be one loser and it isn’t formula1; Michael will either produce the goods or not, will stun or delustre his stock pile of silverware and devalue his illustrious brand. Knowing this man I think I know which is more likely.