Texas Rangers Add Toby Harrah and Reuben Sierra to Hall of Fame

Kody Brannon@@kodysportskornrCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2009

Last night the Texas Rangers added two players from their past to the club's Hall of Fame. While I can remember one clearly, I was not alive for the other (except for when he was an interim manager for the Rangers back in 1992).

Reuben Sierra

I remember the day Sierra made his ranger debut. That was the day that he instantly became my favorite player of the Rangers. There were a lot of good players on the Rangers back then but "The Golden Child" still sticks out in my mind with his signature high leg kick. I can still remember sitting on my couch and listening to Norm Hitzges call the games, and watching Sierra run across the outfield like a gazelle. There were plays he made back then that you were left going, did he really do that?

He was a great player for those teams, and he was a consistent hitter. Which excites me because his son is in the farm system and if he is as good as his dad. There will be a lot of excitement around him. Thank you Reuben for the memories.

Toby Harrah

Toby Harrah was with the Rangers before I was born and before I really understood what I was watching. I remember stories my dad would tell me about him. I have seen his name littered along Rangers history. He still holds some records for the ball club.

I am sure there are lots of guys who could tell endless stories about him, but needless to say, I am happy he made it in to the HoF.

I am sure if these two guys could play in the ballpark that the Rangers play in now, they would have even better numbers. Another nod to Rangers history is in the books. Who will we be celebrating off this year's team?