UFC 101: Breaking Down Silva vs Griffin

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 2, 2009

Every champion always has a struggle getting to the top but every champion knows once you get to the top that the struggle has only begun.

Not only do champions have to defend their rightfully earned titles but they have to go in and prove that they are the best at what they do.

But after a while, although the champion frequently defends their title, going in and coming out with the belt depending on their overall performance, they can still receive harsh criticism.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva knows all about the critics and not living up to an excellent performance.

Upon his epic debut where he laid a massive beating on Chris Leben, fans who knew of him, and those who didn’t, knew that this guy (Silva) was here to make a statement.

So why is Anderson Silva continuously being criticized although he continues to win and hold on to his belt?

With his latest victories over: Dan Henderson, James Irvin, Patrick Cote, and Thales Leites you would think he would be far away from discussion of not putting up his best effort.

Well he has, as in his two last fights (Cote and Leites) he did not show case his ultimate skills. Many feel with his well-rounded and phenomenal striking skills that “The Spider” can devour his prey at any giving moment.

If you go back and watch those fights there are a lot of points in each fight where Silva could have ended the fight early, grab his belt, and go and celebrate early. But no, it looked as if he hesitates to do so.

But no worries, UFC has put together a massive plan were Silva has to bring his “A” game or go home with a fifth loss on his record.

That plan is called Forrest Griffin, and if you think about it this fight makes perfect sense. Matter of fact, you don’t even have to think about it when you hear that these two are going to fight; your mind is just in a daze thinking how this epic brawl will go down.

If anyone can bring out the true fighter in Silva it is Griffin. If Silva does not show up with his dominant self then he will lose.

Every fight Griffin has been in that I watched has been awesome, so just picture how this fight will play out. Let me just put it like this: Silva v. Griffin has more interest from me than all of UFC 100.

Yes, that is how big this fight is.

Furthermore, Griffin is a brawler/fighter and not only can he stand and bang, he can also showcase his ground game at any given moment.

Two of Silva's four losses were due to submission (triangle choke & flying scissors hook), so if things play out in Griffin’s favor, he may be able to come out with an epic victory to get him back in title contention.

Griffin has also grown as a fighter. Although we love and enjoy him just coming out brawling, he has also delivered a more planned-out strategy where he picks his opponents apart.

I am a huge Rampage Jackson fan but I will admit Griffin’s best showing of picking an opponent apart was against Jackson.

Throughout the fight I sat and cringed, as you can see Jackson being taken out of his realm and his very own game plan.

Griffin’s style is a style that simple just pesters fighters and frustrates them to the point that they fall out of their plan and ultimately lose.

Could this happen to Silva?

Yes, it very well could. This is not Griffin’s first time being picked as the underdog.

People did not expect him (Griffin) to be victorious over Mauricio Rua.

Griffin did the same thing he did to Rampage when he pestered Rua taking him out of his game plan.

But knowing Silva, who wants to be a dominate force and be the top fighter, I doubt he will let this fight go down like that.

Silva is hard at work diligently training for the epic bout with Griffin in Los Angeles, CA. at Team Black House.

But Silva is not alone as he is training with the likes of:  Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogerueira, Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante, and Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante.

Now with high hopes for  this fight and have a great feeling “The Spiderwill bring his best effort I see the fight playing out like this:


Round One:  Both fighters will come out feeling out their opponent, especially Griffin. Silva is an excellent striker and can stomp his prey at any given moment.

After getting a feel, Griffin will start to pepper “The Spiderand start to play out his game plan.

Griffin will continue to throw nice leg kicks and jabs to derail the almighty Silva.

But Silva's game face will stay straight, not showing frustration and will start to throw his weapons.

It will start to become a game of cat and mouse as Griffin will give respect to Silva’s striking ability.

The round will end with a great deal of nice stand-up game showcased by both fighters.

Round Two:
Silva will come out more aggressive this round knowing what to expect from Griffin as his strikes may not have bothered him.

Griffin will start to feel the heat of Silva’s deadly strikes and try and take the fight to the ground.

After a few failed attempts of taking Silva down, he will finally get him down, but will not progress on his position to cause any damage to Silva.

Silva will get the fight back upright and will end the round dominating on the feet.

Round Three:
Silva comes out more aggressive, but Griffin throws some excellent strikes as well.

Griffin stays cautious as Silva placed some damage on Griffin in round two.

Silva smells blood in the water like a shark and can sense Griffin is hurt, so he pounces and finishes the fight off with TKO.

Overall prediction: Silva by TKO 3:30 into Round Three.

Well, that is my opinion and thoughts on the epic bout. I would love to hear yours so please comment and leave feedback.

Thank you.


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