The New York Yankees Need To Get Back To Basics Fast!

Rain ManCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2009

What has happened to my beloved New York Yankees this weekend against the Chicago White Sox?

Why do they look like the American League equivalent of the Washington Nationals in the past weekend (especially Friday's and Saturday's disasters)? How can this be, after having a great start to the post-All-Star break season?

First off, gotta give Chicago credit, they pulled out all the stops. They actually sent their runners home after putting them on base with their great situational hitting, unlike the Yankees. Their pitching did not walk a bunch of batters like Sergio Mitre and A.J. Burnett did. And the hitters, especially the 9-hole hitter, Jayson Nix were patient. Nix had drew 4 walks himself yesterday, 2 with the bases loaded, while the Yankees were swinging at anything that comes their way. 

Second off, When you keep giving your opponent a lot of chances to put more runs on the scoreboard, and believe me, the White Sox had no problem doing so this series, let's just say, the chances of winning is going to drop fast.

The Yankees need to get back to the basics that had them win ballgames. Driving in runs in meaningful situations, great pitching, great relieving, patience at the plate.

They had better better get back to the basics, starting today, gotta salvage this series, especially since the Boston Red Sox and Tampa bay Rays are looming bigger and bigger on the Yankees' rear-view mirror. Sox are only a half game back, and tied in the loss column and the Rays are 5 games back.

The next series is at Toronto against the Blue Jays for a two game series, and going back to the bronx to face the Red Sox for four games, and the Blue Jays for three. August is going to be tough. Go Yankees!