Young Blue Jays Fan Is Heartbroken Over Brett Lawrie Trade

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistDecember 4, 2014

via YouTube

Rooting for your home team can be exciting, and it's only natural to have a favorite player. But as we all know, sometimes that can lead to heartbreak—especially in the case of a trade.

The Toronto Blue Jays recently acquired third baseman Josh Donaldson from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for infielder Brett Lawrie and a few other players. While many Blue Jays fans would agree that the trade helped the team, one six-year-old fan was heartbroken over losing her precious Lawrie.

Update from Tuesday, Jan. 6

The Oakland Athletics have stepped up and surprised Amelia with some A's swag:

--End of Update--


Update from Friday, Dec. 12

Bretty Lawrie deserves the good guy award. He tracked down his heartbroken fan named Ameilia and spent some time with her, hanging out and grabbing some pizza. 

Ameilia might be Blue Jays fan, but it looks like she'll be a Brett Lawrie fan for life. 

-- End of Update-- 

Lawrie is set to be a free agent in a few years, but this little girl shouldn't get her hopes up that he will return to Toronto despite her dad's optimism. Per's Jane Lee, Lawrie is looking forward to not having to play on the Rogers Centre's artificial turf anymore.


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