What Do Our Favorite Athletes Think Of Us?

Maria GarciaContributor IAugust 2, 2009

I've always wondered how great athletes view their fans or amateur journalists who are dedicated to writing about their lives and exploits.

I think this is the best place for us to reflect together on this topic.


Do Federer, Woods, Mazza, the players of the Dallas Cowboys or the Chicago Cubs, Paul Lavesque or Van der Saar, (among others) perhaps know their fans or people who write about them?


To what extent is, then, the dissemination we do about their game or lives? In what way do THEY affect our lives?


Many people believe that athletes should be role models, mainly regarding overvalued fair-play as their behaviour in front of their followers. It is believed, too, that these athletes can influence their fans positively or negatively. For these athletes, it is not then just try to be good at their business, but also know how to show themselves and deal with their fans and the general public.


How far do we take these athletes of whom we write about, as role models;  and how do they affect our daily lives? Do we really have time to leave our families and activities to sit down to write about people who might not know we exist? Is it really worth doing?


I think that the articles that are written every day at this site, show that although may not seek to be known by these athletes, we consider them part of our own history. Someone important in our lives; someone to admire and/or even comment about.

We know there are anonymous fans all over the world, as well as official fan clubs. Generally, the relationship of the great names of the sport with their fans is through the latter. Does this mean that if you do not belong to an official fan club, you are just an unknown number to your favourite sportsman/woman?


Statistics show that fans can influence an athlete in a positive or negative way. With our applauses and cheers, we can encourage them when they feel that everything is lost. And in our hands, the possibility of discouraging or calling our idols' attention, by booing or hissing at their performance in disapproval.


Whether or not these great athletes know our names, or our faces the fact that we are an important factor in their careers, is undeniable.


As regards the relationship between athletes and writers, it is assumed that well-known sportsmen/women are only familiar with the reporters who write for major international newspapers. But does someone doubt that a Leonel Messi or a Dwayne Wade could find his way to B / R surfing the internet?


And I'm sure any of them would feel very proud to read the great articles that are published here. In this case, too, our positive or negative words may impose a way to our admired athletes.


Either because we are big fans of a famous athlete, or because we want to become well-known; because we are willing for our article to be chosen as the article of the day and have the chance to see our work published all over the net.


Either because we want to pay tribute to those athletes who are a bit forgotten or just to provide information about our favourite athlete or sport; maybe just as the sole distraction after a long day of work. 


We must keep on writing, creating great slideshows. Maybe some day we have the opportunity of becoming the No. 1 fan of our idol/s, talk to them, and know what they think of us and our products.


Maybe one day, we have the opportunity of answering the questions proposed in this article from personal experience.


Thanks for reading .