Why I Hate Selena Roberts

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2009

Hey i'm making the call right now. Selena, Ken(Rosenthal) I hate both of you. You are the two worst writers I have ever come across. I'm not surpirsed you are married. You know what they say. Those who mare innocent peoples lives together, stay together.

I personally know Ken has an "account" on here. Not sure about Roberts. So if they ever saw this i'm sure I will be called out on an OTL segmant. What? Too soon?

Know don't tell me I have no supporters. Any A-Rod fan, Duke Lacross fan, Baseball Player, and used car sales man alike, should and probably do hate these two.

Anyway lets get on to the point of this. Sorry I have to drop off anything pretaining to Rosenthal right...about.................................

So many would ask"Matt whats your problem why do you hate Selena Roberts she was just doing her job".

Well I have a problem with her because since when has "been doing your job" mean that you can go on federaly taken CONFIDENTIAL reports and pull someone's name out? Oh ok. January 20th? Oh geez know that was mean.

Obama jokes aside. This is still what we call slander. It may even be considered Yellow Journalism to a point. Lets take this scenario.

Mario walks into a federal building and says "hey, I heard about this confidential recipe for da best pasta ever. Can I see it?" Then he releases one ingrediant that causes mass histeria among pasta lovers everywere. You see were i'm going?

Selena, I guess you were just trying to build up a profile after the Duke scandle, but why don't you go and write about ping pong or chinease cheackers? Something a little bit more your tempo.

Also. She ugly. Ken, man you could have done a lot better.(...here)

This has been Matt Foote. Remeber to support my bid for my own Tv show: Baseball in the mid afternoon. With Tony Reali and Matt Foote.

(sorry for the typos. my spell check has been acting up.)