TNA Wrestling: Are They Bound For Glory or Bound For a Epic Downfall?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 1, 2009

For one to succeed, they must fall and get back up and try again. After riding on the road to success with no bumps along the way you will soon find out that the smooth ride does not last forever.

When that bump in the road hits and you feel the almighty impact of the crash, you must muscle up all strength get up and brush your shoulders off and lick your wounds.

After numerous hours of rehab and reconditioning and getting everything back in shape to make an glorious comeback, you have to pre-plan so the next time you hit the bump in the road you will be able to handle the crash.

In life, everyone has to go through a struggle; it’s the way of life. It’s inevitable to stop or predict when that struggle comes but how you handle that struggle is the big question and key to success.

Knowing how to handle a situation can help you in all aspects of life. Especially if you had so many struggles to go up against. Okay, it might sting at first but knowing how to handle the situation and getting yourself through the pain and rebuilding the correct way can lead you on the right path.

Some know how to use this tool and utilize it well…But after this huge TNA debacle (Karen-Kurt-Jeff love-hate triangle) I wonder to myself can they stay afloat and survive?

Right now, there are no accurate signs of downfall yet, but is this the start to TNA’s epic fall?

Dixie Carter doesn’t think so; she has her Vince McMahon swagger on and clearing house of all subjects that don’t belong and ultimately are not the pieces to the puzzle for glory.

Some believe the current firings are to show Jeff Jarrett that the power has shifted as the current firings are part of Jarrett’s circle: TNA Creative team member Dutch Mantel and TNA Agent Savio Vega have been released as of July 31.

As noted above, the two recent TNA releases were close to Jarrett and in his inner circle.

So that action leads me to this is Carter sending a direct message to Jarrett that things are changing and by her terms?

To me that what it would seem especially since Jarrett had to leave TV due to the makings of the whole Kurt-Jeff-Karen situation.

If you really don’t know the situation click here and you will be all caught up.

Now some thought that this was all a set up to add more fuel to the fire of the Angle-Jarrett feud.

But why would this result in two actual firings of Jeff’s inner circle?

Because like I stated, Dixie is sending a message and that message is it’s time for change.

When I first noticed TNA and found out that there is another company out there (back in 2002-03), I began to get excited.

I was interested to see this new fresh and what seemed to be energizing company that was on the horizon.

They had talent that no one seen before or no one really cared to notice. They also repackaged the Cruiserweight Division and switched it up. Instead of weight limits, they took it to no limits as they created the X-Division title.

But as time went by and TNA started to get more known by receiving a deal with Spike they started to follow the companies that came before them.

Instead of making their own path and creating a new landscape in the pro wrestling world they thought, “Hey if it worked once, than we can revamp it and recreate magic twice.”

Now that is sort of true as wrestling is all about recycling nothing is really new in the wrestling world when it comes to storylines or certain matches.

TNA has fans but even they find errors to criticize their beloved company.


Well there are numerous reasons:

  • Booking, and when I say booking, this is one of the biggest reasons people love to hate TNA.
  • Lack of push for talent that deserve it.
  • Looking more similar to WCW each and every Impact or PPV. Now what I mean by that is they decide to utilize talent that already had their run but keep trying to shove them down our throats thinking we would say, “Hey I want to tune in because I love to see these guys on top forever even though their almost 50.”
  • Now here comes one I personally love to hate: all these damn gimmick matches. Like seriously if you’re going to try and create a new innovative match don’t throw some lame title on the match. (I am just making up a name) For example doomsday of blood match just because you throw a lame name on something doesn’t mean I’m going to jump up and down to see the match.
  • It was proven at Wrestlemania 25 and tons of other events that two wrestlers (HBK vs. Undertaker) can go out there and deliver a hell of a match.

You do not need to throw a cage or blood or anything else to make a match better.

But all these problems need to be resolved as TNA has hit a minor bump and is still riding but they need to rebuild and repair before the next bump hits and leads to their down fall.

Honestly if you ask me I like Dixie Carters current direction because what Jeff and his team are doing is not working. Well it’s not working to bring me in as a fully fledged fan just yet.

To go even further about Jeff what he did (if accurate and true) is against the man code.

Come on why you do your boy Angle like that especially since Kurt and Karen are in a heated battle of custody over their kids and you top it off by letting her move in.

It’s not like she was homeless are anything I believe Kurt stated before she was living in a house that he purchased for her & the kids.

But Jeff if you ask me that was just simply low on your behalf and made TNA seem like a circus that cant tame this sort of crazy acts.

It just made TNA dysfunctional instead of Jeff staying and trying to handle the situation he goes and flees.

Well due to this it seems the ultimate power is changing hands but is it for the better or for worse?

It’s too early to tell but there seems to be more changes to come to attempt to make things better.

There is even talk of bringing in creative genius Paul Heyman.

But this may not happen, as Heyman would consider the task of rebuilding TNA if he has power beyond just writing the shows.

Which is highly doubtable they are not going to let Heyman just walk in and let him give direction on what he thinks is the right path for the company.

Especially since Heyman has some beef still brewing from former ECW Originals (Team 3D).

But to conclude, whatever TNA decides to do, I hope it’s for the better and hopefully they have the right plans to lead to glory.

The current makings of this TNA debacle is a learning lesson and ultimately can help TNA build on from this point and become better or lead them to epic fail.

Now that I have shared my thoughts and opinion I would love to hear from you so please comment & leave feedback.

Thank you.


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