"Bob Viking" From Portage, WI Has It Right About Brett Favre

jeff ircinkCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2009

My brother sent me this letter which appeared in the Wednesday, July 29 edition of the Wisconsin State Journal.

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Favre respectful of Minnesota's offer - "Again...the slams against Brett Favre from State Journal sports columnist Tom Oates. Put it to rest. Minnesota's not upset. Speaking as a former Minnesotan, we would have loved to have him, but he didn't sign. End of story, no drama hold out. It would have been great for Minnesota. I think your problem is rooted in the way Favre was mistreated by Packer general manager Ted Thompson. Since you don't want to blame Thompson, you've been on Favre's case since they booted him. Go back and see how he was mistreated by "your team." That's where the disgust is and will always be. Years from now all that will be remembered is him being kicked out of Wisconsin.Minnesotans wish him well. He didn't lead us on and he made a timely decision. The Vikings asked him to come, not the other way around, but he couldn't do it. End of story in Minnesota, but not in Wisconsin. Your team mistreated him and that's your state's legacy. Live with that forever." - Bob Viking, Portage
Well put, Bob Viking from Portage. Who's gonna argue with a Viking fan anyways?
Personally, I took Favre not coming out of retirement and joining the Vikings as a selfless act. No? Won't give Favre that credit, eh? Brett's too much of a egotistical diva to be selfless? Funny - he wasn't selfish the 16 years he spent at Green Bay, helping to bring the Packers out of the doldrums of the 70's and 80's.
Favre stringing the Vikings along? Come on. Favre is friends with Minnesota Coach Brad Childress - Childress himself said Brett was honest the entire time they spoke about the possibility of Favre becoming a Viking. No hard feelings. And the Vikes pursued Favre. What? I should believe you Favre-bashers over what Childress says? Right.
I'm sure Brett thought about his legacy and the fact that if his body wouldn't hold up for an entire season he'd look foolish. But I'm not going to try and surmise what was going through Brett's head. You're the mind readers - I'll let you do that. But the Vikings were a perfect fit for him - maybe one of the best scenarios he could have EVER walked into. I believe Brett also considered the fact that if his body failed him, he'd also disappoint the team and Childress and Favre didn't want that either. Brett needed to start just two more games to surpass the all-time consecutive starts record (he holds the record for QB's). He could've added to the NFL records he already has. He could've made around $10 million. He could've played the game he loved and basked in the glory one more year. But he chose not to, that egotistical bastard.
Who's to say he doesn't change his mind halfway through training camp? Who's to say some QB goes down hurt and the Favre phone rings midway through the NFL season? I don't know. You don't know. Favre doesn't know. And so what if he does? Am I delusional? Is it possible that I can't be objective? Whatever. I feel good that I supported him through his departure from Green Bay, while he was playing with the New York Jets and while he is retired. Those of you who rip on Favre for being a diva, for being selfish, for being an egotist are the same people who are cheering that he didn't sign with Minnesota. Self-righteous bastards. Now who's selfish? If you disagree with me that's your problem, not mine. If your opinion of Favre has changed since he left Green Bay, that's your problem not mine.

Remember one thing - all Favre wanted to do was play the game he loved. He didn't kill dogs, shoot people, do illegal drugs, or cheap shot guys on the field. So hold it against him - that he wanted to just play ball. No one gave the game more. And he did it his way, no matter what the media or the fans or his other critics said about him. Not sure how many times I heard, "Ircink, you were a Favre fan and not a Packer fan...don't ever cheer for the Pack again, you bandwagon jumper, you". Fine. Then I don't wanna hear YOU praise Favre ever again. Don't wanna even hear the words BRETT FAVRE fall outta your mouth. 'Cause that would make you just as much of a waffler as you say that I am. While you languished since the Packer divorce, I relished in seeing Favre play one more season - and a pretty good season it was before he tore his bicep tendon. Talk of SB. You languished. Not me. Not once. You bitched and cried - I cheered.

Your problem - not mine. Or Brett's.