The New Age of Wrestling

Juan Correspondent IAugust 1, 2009

There was once a time when wrestling was just a bunch of holds on people and then reversals to those holds. In the middle of it were long submission holds, which were either countered, or tapped out to.

What was considered exciting back then, was overcoming the odds. Hulk Hogan was not the greatest wrestler ever. But he had the crowd in the palm of his hand because he was able to make a match exciting by hulking up and overcoming the odds.

The times have changed. Today, fans despise Cena for doing that same thing. It comes off as unrealistic to them. They want to see more realism.

Today, we do not see wrestling with just suplexes, and submission holds. Over the years, the definition of wrestling has changed.

Some people consider themselves purists, where they love watching pure wrestling with the reversals and submission holds, and suplexes. This is what those matches mostly consisted of.

To be honest, I can't just live off wrestling. I need the entertainment, the storylines, the promos. I can't deal with a slow-paced match. I need more action.

This is the new age of wrestling, with wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, whose wrestling style is a mixture of the old and the new. And there are wrestlers like Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston, whose wrestling style is more high-flying.

The pure wrestlers no longer exist.

People always say Matt is better than Jeff. But, have we really seen the technical side of Jeff? He has a different style to Matt, with more of high-flying, and less of technical wrestling.

How can we say who's better when they both have different styles? Don't tell me that real wrestling is technical wrestling.

It has changed just like us fans. Once, the fans cheered people like Hogan, while today we boo them.

Just like that, once, the wrestling was mostly technical. Today, majority of the wrestling is composed of dropkicks, dives, jumping off ropes, throwing punches, etc.

Today, real wrestling is defined by the mixture of the old and new.

What I look for in the wrestlers today, is if they can excite us fans and make us involved in their match. If they can't do that, then no one will want to watch them because they'll be boring to watch.

Is that not why wrestlers like Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne are cheered heavily?

It is the reason why I'm huge fans of the these four. But, wrestlers like HBK and The Undertaker are considered greater, because they're styles are a mixture of both, and not just the new.

So, my friends, we have to stop living in the past. It's a new generation. 

Sometimes, there are exceptions to fans not wanting to see matches with just technical wrestling. But only sometimes.

Some of us may not like it, but is it not the truth?