Christmas In July: The (Roy) "Halladay" Doesn't End For Toronto Blue Jays

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

The trade deadline has come and gone and so has Blue Jays fans worries about losing one of the best pitchers in the franchise's history. Roy Halladay remained a Blue Jay as no team wanted to pay the price that was worth the best pitcher in baseball, which Halladay is.

So now that we know Halladay is still a Jay the question is: What will his future with the franchise will be?

Rumours are that J.P. Ricciardi is waiting to the summer to get a better offer, but that is unlikely as it puts the Jays in a position of weakness trying to squeeze whatever they can get out of him before he bolts for free agency. I think this is the most likely option but this depends on if Ricciardi has a job after the season, which I highly doubt.

If Halladay gets traded I think it will be a change in leagues because the Jays would obviously want to do anything in their power to avoid seeing Halladay in another uniform.

I think he will go to the Phillies or Cubs as they have the prospects to trade for him, it is just a matter of waiting until the Jays are left with no choice but to trade him.

If Halladay goes I believe it will be during the 2010 trade deadline if the Jays are sellers at that time, it all depends on the front office situation and the Jays play at the time.

Another option obviously is that he will resign with the club, which I think is a possibility if Ricciardi is gone in the offseason and the Jays stay healthy and make strides next year. With their talented young pitching staff and lineup, this could very well happen.

What does this mean to J.P. Ricciardi? I believe that he will be fired at the end of this season as enough is enough and I am sure all Jays fans are tired of the mediocrity in Toronto. They have been at the .500 bubble for most of his almost ten year tenure in Toronto.

As always, I will keep you posted on the Roy Halladay/ J.P. Ricciardi storyline as it happens.