Are There Steroids in the NBA?

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

Yet another baseball icon has been tarnished by the steroid era.  David Oritiz of the Boston Red Sox was the latest name to hit the media mill of steroid users in baseball with still anywhere from 90 to 100 names left out there.

With that said, it is pretty apparent that there is a big steroid problem in the MLB, but what about the NBA?  No one ever mentions the use of steroids in the NBA.

Does anyone in the NBA even use steroids? 

My guess is yes.  Some people may argue on why an NBA player would even take steroids if your just shooting a ball.  However, I believe there are quite a few reasons why players would take steroids in the NBA.

For one thing, some of the players are starting to look like defensive ends in football.  Has anyone seen the pictures of Dwight Howard in high school?  He had twig arms, and now his shoulders are as broad as my wing span. His biceps blew up faster and bigger than Kevin Federline's stomach.

Another reason I could see players taking steroids in the NBA is to build muscle in the legs to jump higher as well as build up more strength to easily block out other big man. 

Players want nothing more than to jump over someone and posterize them, and a big wants to be able to box out two or three players during a rebound attempt.

The final and most vital reason I could see players using steroids is simply to heal faster.  Steroids help the body repair and heal back to form much faster, and I can say that after playing two hours of pickup basketball, my knees and legs are sore for the next three days. That's just a week after finishing a full year of travel hockey.

It amazes me how some of the players that jump so much and put so much torque on their knees can heal so fast. They go out and punish themselves. Two days later, they do it again. And they endure this bodily punishment for an entire season.

I know David Stern said he was going to check for steroids much more closely after the 2005 season, but I still don't believe enough has been done.  I do believe players are using them in the NBA, and if one professional sports league is going to disallow them, then the rest should, too.

Steroids are dangerous for the body and the long-term damage is irreplacable.  Stern needs to step up and make a stronger steroid test for the NBA starting next year in order to prevent steroids in the NBA.